Alleged HTC One M9 ‘Hima’ images leaked, perhaps a prototype version

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HTC  has been in the smartphone landscape for quite sometime now, a producer of various portable devices before jumping on the bandwagon of “mobile battles”. Many of its earlier devices were running HTC’s own operating system while some were based on the Windows Mobile platform. In the initial days of the Android OS however, HTC quickly acquired the status of household name with its breakthrough smartphone, HTC Desire, which followed a gradual release of devices such as the Desire HD, Droid Incredible, and EVO 4G. After battling for several years in the smartphone market, the company was slammed with massive sales decline and it almost lost all hopes to sustain. But as they say, sometime an exit is necessary for a better comeback, with HTC One M7 and One M8, the company earned its position back.


Having said all that, these days HTC is making waves about the new flagship, allegedly swaying around by the codename “Hima”. We assume the word to be rather Japanese, meaning leisure or free time. Also, as of now, we are assuming that these leaked images are authentic in nature. Though, we do have our fair share of doubts.


The product shown in the images above is most likely not the finished product. According to the reports, the product is merely a prototype build or mistakenly an M9 crafted inside a modified M8 cover. Taking a closer look at the image, we can clearly see that HTC hasn’t done anything pathbreaking with the outlook. It has the same old new design, BoomSound speakers on the front (hail Desire Eye!). So, HTC made no changes with this new device eh?

Coming on to the noticeable differences, we noticed slightly smaller screen bezels and a larger camera module on the rear. According to a report, published by Bloomberg, the camera will feature a 20-megapixel sensor.

We all know that M7 and M8 had obvious differences. What about the M9?

Keeping in mind the noteworthy differences between the M7 and M8, it would be rather surprising to see HTC release an M9 with design language so identical to that of the preceding model, especially at a time when Samsung is trying hard to reinvent the Galaxy S line with its upcoming S6 (rumors of a double-Edged variant). If the leaked product turns out to be the final product, chances are high that it could be written off as an “M8s.”

Then again, HTC might be thinking about keeping the iconic design outlook of the One series. Moreover, the above mentioned Bloomberg report said that, the Hima would be similar in size and design to the M8. However, we have to wait and watch what is the actual outcome.

So, assuming that the leaked product might carry killer specs, would you be interested in buying it? Let us know through your amazing comments!


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