Hi! Buddy, Indiatimes launches Voice Based Social Networking

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Hi! Buddy, Indiatimes launches Voice Based Social NetworkingBusy at work? Have time constraints? Can’t get access to Internet? Here comes a quick-fix solution-Hi Buddy!

India’s first voice based social networking platform introduced by India times, where you can meet and greet your friends and family. It’s really hassle free, just dial 58888199 and keep going places!

Introduce yourself to a world of full entertainment. Just dial 58888199 and get hooked to the unique features of Hi Buddy.Laugh out loud while listening to funny jokes, let the cook in you experiment with the recipes provided at Hi Buddy, listen to latest Bollywood gossips, get unique dating tips, comment on your friend’s status message, surround yourself with friends by adding them to your profile.

Listen to the updates and comments of your friends, just dial 58888199. Comment on their status through Hi Buddy. Stay connected to your friends through voice networking by using Hi Buddy. It’s an all-in-one handy facility on voice which keeps you updated all the time. Connect to Hi Buddy and rock your world by connecting with like intellects!!

Getting used to the service is very easy. All that you have to do is to call 58888199 and subscribe to the service. Once you have done so you will be directed to your own default profile. You can then make changes to your profile and add the correct name and mobile number of your friend on this website.

Bas… Fir kya…! After your friends have approved your requests you’re through to an amazing world where you can share, adapt and explore your passion and talent with them and carve out a separate niche for yourself amongst your peers.

That’s not all you can also subscribe to various channels and receive daily alerts on the latest gossip in the entertainment industry, hep and chic dating tips to woo your partner, the latest info about the swanky bikes and cars, yummy food recipes & all.

Currently the service is available with only Reliance mobile network, but Indiatimes says it will soon be available on many more networks, Indiatimes also added that this innovative move comes as people across the Internet are bored with age old social networking sites like twitter, facebook, orkut etc and with such new innovative voice based networking people can stay connected with a refreshing new experience.


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