Government awaits Trai’s recommendations on voice-calling apps

Telecom Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad has said that the government will decide the fate of internet-based calls in the country following telecom regulator Trai’s recommendations on such voice-calling apps. “Trai has issued a consultation paper ‘Regulatory Framework for Over the Top (OTT) service’ on March 27, 2015, which includes regulatory treatment of voice over Internet protocol (VoIP). Government will take a position on this aspect after the outcome of this consultation process of Trai,” Prasad informed the Lok Sabha in a written reply.


“Government policy on net neutrality shall be finalised after taking into account recommendations of committee constituted at Department of Telecommunication, recommendations of Trai and other inputs to the government,” Prasad said.

In a major boost to net neutrality in the country, earlier this month the telecom regulator had announced that no service provider will be allowed to offer or charge discriminatory tariffs for data services on the basis of content. It further announced that a penalty of Rs 50,000 a day, capped at Rs 50 lakh, will be levied on service providers breaching the rule.

It maintained that the regulation will not be applicable for data services over closed communication networks, unless tariffs offered evade prohibition of this regulation. No telecom service provider is allowed to enter into any agreement that has effect of discriminatory tariffs for data services being offered on basis of content.

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February 25, 2016 3:18 am 3:18 AM

VoIP etc should be banned because it’s a great tool for terrorists and other criminal elements to carry out their plans. Nearly impossible to intercept such calls, most servers are not in India either. Already most terror orgs have stopped using phones for their planning but are relying on internet calling.

February 25, 2016 4:22 pm 4:22 PM

terrorists use voip so ban it? 26/11 terrorists also used black yellow taxi in mumbai so ban that also? terrorists also use emails so usko bhi ban karde? also ban shoes, clothes, jackets terrorists use them to hide explosives…. bhai post karne ke pehle kuch soch to liya karo! Voip will increase businesses and opportunities and its a basic form of communication which will take the country ahead what about that?

February 25, 2016 11:23 am 11:23 AM
Haha nothing is uninterceptable. Voip can be intercepted much more easily doesn’t even need telcos help. The only piece of communication unshakable is letters. And our country will be on a great disadvantage if we ban voip. Jio just won’t be able to offer calls. And the government will not oppose Ambanis will they. Our Pm was supported by them and he will back their interests And as for terrorism countries that has Voip has not seen any rise in attacks. And there is no proof that they use voip for communication. AVOID and reliance sims are available like waste.… Read more »
February 25, 2016 11:07 pm 11:07 PM
@Sajid: Lol, plating devil’s advocate does spice up the comments section. Yes interception is possible with deep packet inspection etc. but it requires extensive infrastructure to be in place and even you get it still it is not 100% feasible. The way packets travel on the net it becomes complex operation to track what exactly is the detailed information contained in them. And good luck with intercepting encrypted stuff. VoIP to phones is currently not available in India for similar reasons. I hope they do something to tackle these serious security issues. No one wants Pak terrorists, jihadis, ISIS etc.… Read more »
February 25, 2016 4:15 pm 4:15 PM

@Sajid, I second every word u said. If u keep bringing terrorism to counter every mortal problem, we should go back to stone age. Even then people like @Sunny must be crying; stone can be used for pelting.

Madhan Kumar
February 25, 2016 10:01 am 10:01 AM

@Sunny: Just for Terrorism we can’t just ban Voip.There are other factors to be considered like people interest,future,operators looting interest and so on.So the only favourable order would be to allow Voip without any discrimination which would be a decision in the common man’s point of view….

February 24, 2016 10:29 pm 10:29 PM
VoIP calls shudnt be banned! Every business faces competition someday or the other nothing lasts permanent. So what if these app have hit the business of telcos like AVOID. Even they looted us when we had no alternatives. And every business has a life and someday some other firm will always come out with an alternative and better solution. So the same with telecom. And these telcos are no less even they are charging heavy for data packs to compensate for the loss in voice calls. Also im buying a smartphone so you dont have any right to ban VoIP… Read more »
February 25, 2016 11:16 pm 11:16 PM

National security is the paramount consideration, if you can’t use VoIP etc. on your phone, that’s your problem. Until there is a foolproof system in place by the security agencies you will have to face certain limitations. But when there will be a system in place some people will start crying about privacy issues lol. This will never end.

February 24, 2016 11:35 pm 11:35 PM

Going forward there will be no traditional voice calls. LTE supports only packet-switched VoIP calls (which is how VoLTE & VoWiFi work). So in the future, majority of calls will happen over IP networks only. Indian operators should accept this upcoming change instead of trying to fight it. Instead to making such an issue over “declining voice revenue” & related sh*t, they should make their data networks top notch. There should be no loss as increased VoIP calls over 3G networks will only increase the usage of the operators’ networks.