Google Starts Rewarding New Duo Users in India

By November 9th, 2018 AT 2:24 PM

Google is giving away cash rewards to the first time Duo users in India. Back in September, the search giant rolled out data rewards for the Duo users in the Philippines. Now, the same programme is offered to the duo users here in India. A support page of Google notes that users who sign up with Google Duo for the first time and make a call will get the cash reward. The money, however, will be credited not to the bank account but to the Google Pay wallet.


With Google Duo, users can make both voice as well as video calls to their friends, and family. To make a call via Duo users will need a stable internet connection. According to the support page of Google, users in India n making their first call via Duo will get cash reward credited to Google Pay. Before making the call via Google Duo, ensure to sign up with Google Pay first.

How Does the Cash Reward Offer Works?

The support page also notes that Google will also offer cash rewards to users on inviting their friends to join Duo. Google states that it will credit users who invite a friend to sign up on Duo. It notes that both the sender of the request and the person joining duo with the invite link will get the cash reward on their Google Pay. But the catch is, the cash reward will be credit when both you and your friend who joined Duo on your invitation will earn cash rewards when the new user makes his/her first call via Duo. It is worth noting that the reward will be credited only with the receiver of the invite joins Duo by clicking on the link sent to them.

The support page also notes that the earn cash rewards on Google Duo in India, the users should have an Indian phone number and also the bank account. The bank account needs to be linked with the Google Pay UPI-based app. It is only when the bank account and Google Pay are linked that the cash rewards will be credited to the user. Ensure to link the accounts before making your first call via Google Duo.

How to redeem reward

To earn cash rewards, referrers can start by inviting the invite link to someone who has never signed up for Google Duo before. They will need to share with the unique invite link. To share the link, you’ll need to click on Invite friends option > Share invite link on the Duo app. After the friend you invited joins Duo, you’ll receive an email with instructions to get your reward.

To redeem the cash reward, you’ll first need to go to the Duo app, tap on More option, and lastly, click on Redeem rewards option. After clicking on the redeem option, the cash reward will be directly transferred to your linked bank account. For the reward to redeem, you might need to wait for about 2-4 hours. It is noteworthy that the cash rewards offer is available only for the Android users. Also, ensure to redeem the reward before it expires.

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