Google is planning to provide more app permission control to users

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In a report published by Bloomberg, Google is reportedly planning to provide users with more control over the information that is shared with the applications. This means that users will be controlling what information should be accessible to an app and what not. They will be provided with preference selection before downloading an application from Google Play Store.

GoogleWith the growing usage of applications, more and more information is being shared with the applications, which is not user directed. The announcement of this new feature is expected to be made at the Google I/O 2015, San Francisco.

Google had taken the initial step towards handling app permissions in the year 2014, when it made “information needed by an app” more clear with an update to Google Play. In the future it will be easier for users to protect their privacy from applications. Although it would become harder for the application developers to make their app work in a changed environment, without sufficient access to device information, many apps might start malfunctioning.

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