Google Will Now Predict Flight Delays Using Artificial Intelligence

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Google today announced the introduction of two new features for its Google Flights search platform. The company seeks to help weary travellers tackle some of the biggest annoyances of air travel - delays and complexities of cheaper basic fares. Google will now use machine learning to predict upcoming flight delays, while the second will provide you with a list of the amenities that are available in the particular class.


Predicting flight delays is perhaps the most interesting features of these two. Google says it will scour through historical data of flight delays to form common patterns in late departures. Google will use the combination of factors such as location, weather and information from aircraft’s previous trips to foresee a flight getting delayed.

If the algorithms are 80% sure the flight will be postponed, Google will throw the information in its search results. This means when you search up a flight number, route or airline, Google will display an alert regarding a delay. The Flights app will also offer information as to why a flight has been delayed to keep passengers in the loop.

Google, however, says you shouldn’t make predictions at face value and recommends reaching the airport on time regardless. Besides, Google Flights will continue to show official timings and delays announced as per the airline.

The second feature concerns airline companies’ profound ways to lure budget-conscious customers. Over past few years, airlines are competing to offer the most basic service but cutting down things like baggage allowance, in-flight snacks and more. The booking platforms usually fail to list these cutbacks.

Google will now fix this, and the Flights app will display exactly what is and isn’t included in the fee. The service is currently only compatible with a handful of airlines for now. This includes Delta, American Airlines, and United Airlines.

The latest features come only a month after Google Flights added price tracking and deals to Flights app as well as hotel search features for web searchers.

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