Google Drive for iOS Receives Touch ID and Face ID Privacy Feature

Users who are using Apple devices can enable the privacy feature by opening Google Drive and selecting the privacy screen

By May 6th, 2020 AT 12:18 PM

Google has announced Touch ID and Face ID privacy feature for Google Drive on Apple devices. Google apps always offer great privacy features to its users. Whether its Gmail, Photos or Drive, users get enhanced privacy features for a hassle-free experience. The new privacy update will allow Apple users to enable Face ID or Touch ID Authentication on iPhone and iPad. Even if the users leave their devices unlocked, their content stored in Google Drive will be safe as intruders will require to get past Face ID and Touch ID  to access the file.

How to Enable the New Privacy Feature?

Users who are using Apple devices can enable the privacy feature by opening Google Drive and selecting the privacy screen. Also, users will get the option to activate private screen immediately or delay it to 10 seconds or 10 minutes which will depend upon the users.

Privacy Screen has Limitations

Though Privacy screen will help the users to use Face ID or Touch ID to save their important files from intruders, it also has some limitations. Google has clearly warned Apple users that privacy screen will not secure drive notifications, and it might be visible on the notification panel. Apart from this, specific files shared with the files app, Google Photos and Siri functionality might not be protected. Even with the limitations, Privacy screen makes sure that intruders don’t get access in your Apps and go through sensitive files.

Google Announced the Privacy Feature Last Month

As per Digital Trends, Google was slowly rolling out the feature from April, but it was not rolled out for all the users last month. Now, all the users will be able to activate the privacy screen feature on their Apple devices to save their valuable and private files from prying eyes. Also, Google earlier launched the passcode protection for users, but it was taken back by the company for some reason. However, Google relaunched the feature with enhanced privacy features like Face ID and Touch ID. The extra measures of security rolled out by Google will surely relieve the users as they use the app on a daily basis.

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