Global: 19.5 percent internet tax in Pakistan to hinder the expansion plans of operators

Pakistan has revised the tax for fixed and mobile internet usage to 19.5 percent, a count that could hinder the expansion plans of telecom operators in the country. The tax, which applies to all domains, including 3G, 4G, DSL, EVDO and fiber has created an outcry in the country.

2g spectrum

The internet users in Pakistan are planning to oppose the move through a planned internet blackout campaign. Sohaib Sheikh, president of ICT Think Tank has issued a warning to the government on this new raised tax division. According to him, Government has bluntly ignored the $1.2 billion investments of telecom operators made on 3G/4G licenses.

Pakistan recorded a good subscription base for 3G/4G, of around 15 million users in one year of its launch. This growth seems to come to halt with this new internet tax revision.

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