GetJar Mobile App Store Now Seeing 3 Million Downloads Per Day

World’s biggest independent Mobile app store GetJar today announced that it has reached three million downloads per day. With this achievement GetJar is second only to Apple iTunes, with over 1 billion downloads till the time.

GetJar app store is available across all mobile platforms including Android, BlackBrry, Java, iPhone, Symbian and also for Windows Mobile. It provides more than 70,000 mobile applications to consumers in more than 200 countries.

According to the GetJar, As of July 2010, FaceBook, eBuddy Messenger YouTube, Nimbuzz and Yahoo! Mobile remained among the top, with Games “Warships Sea on Fire” and “Racing Mania” top among its category. Other leading categories include Lifestyle, Entertainment, Music, Maps, search, Financial, Sports and productivity downloads.

Top-10 Top 10 Apps Overall by Downloads Top 10 Social & Messaging Downloads
1 Facebook Mobile Facebook Mobile
2 eBuddy Messenger eBuddy Messenger
3 Nimbuzz Nimbuzz
4 Migg33 Migg33
5 Opera Mini browser Yahoo! Mail
6 Yahoo! Mobile Shut down mobile by sms
7 Google Snaptu
8 Yahoo! Mail qeep
9 Bitstream Bolt Browser RockeTalk

Patrick Mork CMO GetJar, stated “We see Indian consumers downloading more productivity applications that enhance the usage of their phone compared to Americans for example and English consumers downloading more entertainment apps then Indians. Religious apps are popular in the Middle East. Downloads by platform are also shifting quickly. Android wasn’t even a part of our business last year. Today, it’s the 2nd most popular platform developers are submitting on when uploading content to GetJar and we have at least 3 devices in our top 20 list of devices in the US that are Android powered.”

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Martin Hill
July 30, 2010 9:24 am 9:24 AM
Slight typo in my figures. Apple is getting 1 billion downloads every 2 months. My daily figure was correct – 16 million downloads per day Here are some more details on the very disappointing state the paid Android market is in for comparison: “Overall (as of June 18th, 2010), there were roughly 2,250 paid games and 13,000 paid non-game apps in the Market. The reason for the large number of apps vs. games is mainly due to the proliferation of spam apps, something which is much rarer in the games category. 4 games are in the 50,000-250,000 range, while 9… Read more »
Martin Hill
July 30, 2010 3:03 am 3:03 AM

@San Jose
On the contrary, Apple has previously stated that updates to existing software are not counted n the download numbers so the actual figure would in fact be far higher.

In contrast GetJar counts every download web even if a user re-downloads an app or gets the latest update.

As such the disparity between the two services is even more drastic.


C developer
July 29, 2010 9:41 pm 9:41 PM

@Martin Hill

To be objective, Apple includes automatic updates in their download numbers and on average 1 unique downloads gets 3-4 updates. With this in mind, GetJar’s 3M is almost on par with Apple’s 4M-5M, as GetJar can’t do and therefore calculate updates.