Forecasts Predict 5G Connections to Hit 3.6 Billion by 2025

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During this pandemic, a number of businesses and services have taken a hit, and many have even ceased to exist. On the other hand, the technology business and services have roared throughout the world under the same conditions. With businesses realising that most of their office centred work can function in a Work-From-Home model, the need for technology to support a smooth transition and daily operations has definitely led to an uprise in demand for technology.

5G network connection is the fastest, most reliable and stable internetconnection available to mankind yet, has also been predicted to be in high demands in the coming year.

CCS Insight, a Global Analyst Company, has revealed a new forecast related to 5G connections. According to the forecast, worldwide connections to the 5G network will triple down in 2021 to reach 670 million connections. If this trend continues for the coming years, 5G connections will reach a mammoth of 3.6 billion connections by 2025.

Mobile Industry to Overcome Temporary Challenges

Vice President of Forecasting at CCS Insight, Marina Koytcheva, has noted that even though due to the pandemic, their near-term expectations were not met, the mobile network will eventually overcome these temporary challenges to meet their prediction of 3.6 billion connections by 2025.

5G to Become Prevalent Worldwide

The forecast further predicts that in advanced markets such as North America, Western Europe and Asia–Pacific, 75% of the mobile phones will transition to 5G networks by the middle of this decade. These milestones will be fuelled by the demand of consumers for connectivity, an increase in the number of affordable 5G phones, and countries on their way to build a fully functioning 5G infrastructure.

South Korea and China are leading in this 5G race in the world, according to CCS Insight. In South Korea, one-fifth of the mobile phones have already transitioned to 5G networks, whereas China will achieve this milestone in 2021. In China, 7 out of 10 smartphones sold in the first quarter already have 5G capabilities which are helping the country to progress at a rapid pace.

US was the first to launch 5G in the world but has only started seeing some progress in the last six months as more and more 5G smartphones have started becoming available. Europe had a mixed response to 5G due to a delay in spectrum auctions in many cities causing the network development to come to a halt. CCS Insight also stated that these delays were not long-lasting, and mobile operators reached out to alternative providers of network infrastructure to sign agreements.

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