Who is the final victim between Operator and Customer?

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Victim between operator and customerDear TT users, now let me for some time think in a common man perspective – No offence. I’m a normal user who uses a Mobile for making calls, sms and Data whatever service it might be. 

On one unlucky day like any other normal day I activated DATA pack and it seems strange that sometimes my phone though connected to the Network don’t respond to the WebPages and act dumb as if it is not connected to Internet and sometimes it don’t get connected to the Network at all.

Now what will any common man think of “Is there any problem with my phone? May be Virus Or any Black Sheep Application running behind?” Some experienced users might also consider restarting their devices thinking of any Network issue.

After repeated attempts they keep quite or complain the CCR. Frankly speaking why will that person from CC sitting at a far off place know that there is an issue with Data connectivity at some particular place, so CCR will keep on suggesting Switch off, Get settings, may be phone fault and all blah blah and in a rare case CCR may file a complaint and give Docket No.

A friend of mine who is living at a place 5Km away from mine kept on sending messages from the past 2 days that “his stupid phone is not able to get connected to EDGE Network on TATA Docomo and please can you help me with it on my Samsung Galaxy S3” . I thought maybe there is some fault with settings and the way he is trying to get connected and suggested him please check with Airtel Number you are having and let me know.

Today while I’m using my Galaxy i just recollected his problem made it clear with my galaxy that “These phones don’t need settings manually and they get connected to the internet without any trouble”

So, i immediately took my phone with TATA Docomo Sim, activated a Data Plan and kept on trying in different ways to see if I can get connected to Internet , Let me check my luck now ?

From the pictures it is very clear that I’m on TATA DOCOMO network and the duration of connectivity is 2min: 07sec , No ongoing Up and Downlink transfer and the DATA Received is 525B. What on Earth can I do with 525B? This clearly shoes that DATA is down.

Now Dear Readers, let me speak in my very own Technical way.

I finally made it clear that DATA Services are down with TATA Docomo from the past 2 days. (Don’t know if this is the case only in and around our area)

Now my Questions are

a) Who should be the victim if the operator’s services are down?

b) Ok, I agree these Technical glitches happen at rare circumstances.

Is the Operator now on complaining willing to check the Data consumed by the users at the affected areas and increase the validity of the packs?

c) If the Operator’s answer is NO- Then who should be the final Victim?

As the Servers Programmed will carry on their work accordingly without knowing the actual scenario and the users validity and DATA benefit will vary accordingly as time passes by.

Being their Valuable Customers we should be the victims?

“My Question is not only to one particular operator with whom I’m in the present situation but to all the Operators on which Customers are facing such issues”.

My suggestion is “Like that happened with SMS ban case by MTNL- these good folks increased the validity of packs, these operators should also consider implementing extension of benefits of packs under such rare circumstances.”

Share with me and others your opinions and I’m happy to read.

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