Facebook launches standalone desktop website for the Messenger

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Facebook has announced an individual website for its Messenger service. The separate website can be easily accessed at Messenger.com, from where user’s can just use the messenger service rather than Facebook’s main site. Although, Facebook insists that the Messenger service will always be a part of Facebook.com.

It was not long ago when Facebook forced users to install the Messenger app separately on their device, which was once a part of the Facebook mobile app. So, it won’t come as a surprise if Facebook does the same with the Messenger on the Web as well.

Facebook Messenger WebsiteAs of now, users can access the Messenger on Facebook.com, and at the new standalone website as well. The standalone Messenger website comes handy for those who don’t like being disturbed by random Facebook notifications while chatting. The Messenger.com is focused upon the direct communication with friends, without being disturbed by any notification, which is an issue on Facebook.com as often conversations are disturbed by constant postings.

Messenger.com will be supporting the recently announced app platform for the service, and also its easy payments function. The Messenger website is presently available to the English-speaking users worldwide with more languages to be added soon.

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