Oculus Quest VR Headsets Now Have Support for Facebook Messenger

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Facebook Inc. on Wednesday announced that its messaging service, Messenger will be coming to Oculus Quest handsets by the end of this week. For those of you unaware, Oculus is a Facebook-owned venture that focuses on Virtual Reality (VR) and gaming, with the company being a renowned seller of its Quest lineup of VR handsets.

How Will Messenger on Quest Work?

The users who are logged in to their Quests and Quest 2 VR headsets through their personal Facebook account can use the Messenger service as is used normally, but this time whilst using the headsets. This is not limited to a headset requirement criteria, meaning if the other person does not own a VR headset, there will be no issues and the user on the other side will receive the message without any issues.

To add to this, the Messenger functions available for Quest VR users includes an option for the user to create an Oculus party on the Messenger service, in order to play games with their friends, meaning all the fun of gaming in VR, with all of your friends included.

Furthermore, users can type out a message that they wish to send to someone else who has the Messenger service activated using VR, send pre-existing or messages that are already written, for common remarks so as to save time and, even use the voice to text feature, in case one needs to send a message but is busy gaming, allowing them to type without their inputs.

This announcement came to users through a blog post by Oculus. According to Facebook, it stated that it believes in Virtual Reality's (VR) power and the ability that it has to brings its users closer, that too during a global pandemic, when one cannot go out a lot. This is done to ensure ease of use and, the company also stated that it has built tools so as to ensure a much smoother experience, with a focus on accessibility.

Facebook further went on to state that users would still be capable of messaging their friends and gaming buddies through Oculus chats, provided that they have an account. The particular user's previous user name is also retained.

Should one wish to opt-out of Messenger on Oculus, all they need to do is sign out of Messenger through the settings for the same. This can also be done in case one lends their VR handset, with the login process being easy, as the user would be required to select their pre-existing profile and enter the password set by them during the creation of the account.

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