Ericsson Launches 10 New Radios Led by Triple-Band Radio 4485

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Ericsson has just announced a new enhanced RAN and transport portfolio. The network gear maker has launched 10 new radios led by the triple-band radio 4485. Along with the radios, Ericsson has also launched other products as well. All of the newly announced products from the company will be available for the world to see at the upcoming Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2023 in Barcelona. The new Ericsson solutions will cut carbon emissions and site footprint, increase energy performance and boost the network capacity.

The newly launched 4G and 5G remote radios are headlined by the triple-band radio 4485 for FDD, which is 53% lighter and consumes 22% less power than comparable products. Ericsson has also introduced a new range of wideband Massive MIMO radios – spearheaded by the industry-first, ultra-wideband AIR 6476 – which provides 600 MHz instantaneous bandwidth that doubles capacity without additional antenna footprint and enhances user experience.

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Software is in the spotlight as well with new features such as Interference Sensing, which optimises mid-band Massive MIMO performance by minimising inter-cell interference and increasing network capacity by up to 40 percent.

David Hammarwall, Head of Product Area Networks, Ericsson, said, “Capacity expansions, energy savings, and sustainability are central to service providers’ RAN evolution plans. Ericsson’s enhanced portfolio fulfills the key needs of service providers and is leading the industry towards Net Zero while capturing opportunities of data traffic growth. We expect these topics will be the center of attention in our discussions with customers at MWC Barcelona 2023 and beyond.”

Ericsson is also reducing its own carbon emissions in the production of new radios, using the embodied carbon* metric, which gauges the amount of greenhouse gases released before the product is deployed. Radio 4485 has 50 percent lower embodied carbon emissions than comparable products.

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