Ericsson, AWS, Hitachi America Showcase Smart Factory Potential With 5G and AI

Ericsson, AWS, and Hitachi America R&D have united to demonstrate the potential of 5G, AI, and automation in manufacturing. The trial showcases real-time video analytics and defect detection, setting the stage for improved efficiency, reduced costs, and enhanced product quality.


  • Ericsson, AWS, and Hitachi America R&D collaborate on private 5G and AI integration.
  • Real-time video feeds across Ericsson's private 5G network enable early defect detection.
  • AI-powered computer vision inspects 24 assembly components simultaneously, improving efficiency.

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Ericsson, AWS, Hitachi America Showcase 5G and AI in Smart Manufacturing
Ericsson, Amazon Web Services (AWS), and Hitachi America R&D joined forces to showcase the potential of combining 5G, artificial intelligence (AI), and automation technologies in the manufacturing sector. According to the joint statement, the private 5G infrastructure trial took place at Hitachi Astemo Americas' electric motor vehicle manufacturing plant in Berea, Kentucky, USA. On Tuesday, Ericsson and the technology partners announced the key takeaways of their trial.

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Private 5G Infrastructure Trial

According to the statement, the trial utilized Ericsson Private 5G infrastructure in conjunction with the AWS Snow Family to provide private cellular networks that formed the foundation for implementing machine learning (ML) models within the Hitachi manufacturing complex. By using 5G wireless, the trial installation was completed in three days.

Real-Time Video and Defect Detection

Through Hitachi video analytics, real-time video feeds of component assembly operations were transmitted over the Ericsson private 5G network. This allowed for early defect detection, reducing material waste and production losses. Computer vision with HD 4K cameras powered by AI ran on the private 5G network, inspecting assembly components in real-time, with the capability to simultaneously inspect 24 components. According to the statement, this was a significant improvement over traditional manual inspection methods.

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Efficiency and Scalability

The trial demonstrated that the integration of 5G and cloud technologies enables full-scale, global deployment of digital production line applications. This includes tasks such as defect detection, quality inspection, robotics automation, real-time machine control, and augmented reality.


The deployment showcased several benefits, including rapid implementation of use cases through Ericsson Private 5G, improved quality inspections with computer vision, and the ability to process and analyse data for better decision-making using AWS Snow Family devices.

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Future Implications

Ericsson said the success of the trial suggests the potential for widespread operational and business impacts, ranging from enhancing product quality and reducing costs to optimizing supply chain operations.

This trial demonstrates how the convergence of technologies like 5G, AI, and cloud computing can lead to transformative changes in manufacturing, enabling smarter factories, improved quality control, and more efficient operations.

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