Ericsson and Telenor Teams Up to Fasten 5G Innovation in Norway

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5G in Norway

5G is on the cliff, and the entire globe is relying on technology to witness the next wave of technological innovation. To harness the true power of 5G technology in Norway, the Swedish telecommunication company Ericsson and Telenor have entered into a Joint Innovation Cooperation to deliver 5G-powered opportunities in multiple fields such as autonomous transport, smart factories and more. Ingeborg Ofsthus, who is the CTO of Telenor Norway, stated that 5G is more than a new network, and it will have a major impact on the society in coming future. He also stated that with innovative collaboration, Telenor Norway would make way for both services essential for society and commercial services.

Norway Will be at the Forefront of Mobile Innovation

Stain Solberg, the CTO of Ericsson Norway, stated that 5G is meant for innovation, and by forming a Joint Innovation Cooperation, Ericsson will invest their efforts to make Norway the forefront of mobile innovation. Not only this, but Ericsson is also looking forward to being the early adopters of 5G technology in Norway by deploying the leading world technology.

As per a new ConsumerLab Study done by Ericsson, nearly 20% of the 5G mobile users have limited the usage of Wi-Fi on their smartphones after upgrading. Also, seven out of ten 5G users are looking forward to innovative services, apps and indoor coverage is marked two times crucial than speed or battery life.

Ericsson Operates Mulitple 5G Test Beds From Aachen, Germany and Other Prominent Locations

Worldwide, Ericsson operates multiple 5G testbeds from the largest 5G research network of Europe, which is located in Aachen, Germany, to Ericsson D-15, which is the most advanced 5G innovation hub at Silicon Valley. Ingeborg Ofsthus further commented that Telenor has fastened up the process of structuring the future 5G network in Norway.

The entire restructuring of the mobile network in the Norway region is one determined undertaking, and the next-generation technology will open the doors of new offering and services that the region has never witnessed. He further added that Telenor and Ericsson are not jointly working on 5G opportunities in Norway, which is driving the next era of digital transformation.

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