EE Adds 35 More Cities to Its 5G Portfolio in the UK

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EE, a renowned telecom operator of the UK and part of telecom group BT, has announced the expansion of its 5G technology in 35 additional cities and towns for the widespread use of 5G networks. The telecom giant noted that the top tourist landmarks and coastal locations such as Sandbanks Beach, York Minister, Brighton Pier and Swansea Bay would be included in the 5G network deployment.

New Cities Covered in the 5G Network Circle of EE

The new cities covered in the 5G network circle of EE are Worcester, Swansea Brighton, Chester, Dundee, Exeter, Portsmouth, Milton Keynes, Norwich, Harrogate Portsmouth, Southport, Stoke-on-Trent, Stratford-upon-Avon, Sunbury-on-Thames, Bolton, Swindon, Wigan, Blackburn and York.

EE to Cross 1 Million Active 5G Customers This Month

EE started to deploy its 5G services back in May 2019. The telecom operator initially launched the 5G services in London, Manchester, Birmingham, Cardiff, Edinburgh and Belfast. Currently, EE provides 5G services in nearly 160 towns and cities across the UK region. This month, EE is also expecting to cross the 1 million active 5G customer mark. The four cities that account for the highest number of 5G subscribers are London, Birmingham, London, Glasgow and Manchester.

Increased Network Speeds of 5G Network Will Aid Users: Marc Allera

Marc Allera, who is the CEO of BT’s consumer division, stated that the company has fulfilled its commitment from last year and deployed 5G services in 35 new towns and cities across the U.K. With gradual ease of restrictions, the fast network speeds and increased capacity of the 5G network will ensure the retention of customers and increase the footfall in occupied and busy places. Recently, EE has also acquired 2x10 megahertz of the paired frequency spectrum in the 700 MHz for nearly $385 million. Not only this, but the telecom giant acquired 20 MHz of supplementary downlink spectrum in the 700 Mhz band for nearly 4 million pounds.

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