Edgecore Networks Announces OpenRoaming Certification for EAP112 and EAP105 Products

Edgecore Networks Adds EAP112 and EAP105 to its Market-Leading Range of WBA OpenRoaming-Certified Wi-Fi Solutions.


  • Edgecore Networks now offers five WBA OpenRoaming-certified Wi-Fi products.
  • New additions include Wi-Fi 7 EAP105 and IoT-enabled EAP112.
  • OpenRoaming technology enhances user experience, network efficiency, security, and scalability.

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Edgecore Networks Announces OpenRoaming Certification for EAP112 and EAP105 Products

Network solutions provider Edgecore Networks has announced that its EAP112 and EAP105 products have obtained the Wireless Broadband Alliance (WBA) OpenRoaming certification. This achievement adds to the company's already certified lineup, which includes the EAP101, EAP102, and OAP101-6E, making Edgecore Wi-Fi the provider with the most WBA OpenRoaming-certified products on the market, the company said in a statement this week.

With this addition, Edgecore Wi-Fi now offers five WBA OpenRoaming-certified products. This lineup includes the Wi-Fi 6 EAP101 and EAP102, the 6E-capable outdoor OAP101-6E, the Wi-Fi 7 EAP105, and the IoT-enabled EAP112.

Enhanced Connectivity with OpenRoaming

OpenRoaming technology allows users to move seamlessly between Wi-Fi networks without the need to log in repeatedly. This global federation of networks offers significant advantages:

  • Enhanced User Experience: Seamless connectivity improves user satisfaction.
  • Improved Network Efficiency: Optimised traffic management reduces congestion and enhances service quality.
  • Increased Security: Secure authentication and data encryption protect user information.
  • Scalability: Supports global network expansion and consistent Wi-Fi experiences.

According to Edgecore, OpenRoaming automates the connection process across various Wi-Fi networks, eliminating the need for manual logins and network selection. This seamless transition between networks helps distribute traffic more evenly, avoiding congestion and optimising resource use. Secure authentication ensures that only authorised devices connect, enhancing network performance and efficiency.

Edgecore Networks, a wholly owned subsidiary of Accton Technology Corporation, says it continues to collaborate with the WBA and global operators to promote OpenRoaming applications.

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