DoT prodding the authorities to fasten up the NOFN project so that they can meet the newly set deadline of 2016

The Optical Fibre Network project is known for overshooting several deadlines and working at a snail’s pace. The Optical Network project was intended to link 2.5 lakh village panchayats. Prime Minister Mr Narendra Modi has laid much needed emphasize on the completion of this project and he also added that he wants the project to be ready by 2016.

In a recent meeting graced by the Prime Minister, the decision was taken that the deadline for completing the NOFN project. The NOFN which is expanded as National Optical Fiber Network which is a $4billion venture meant to boost the connectivity to even the most ulterior parts of the country.

DoT is prodding the PowerGrid, BSNL and RailTel to fasten the process of building up the required infrastructure. The NOFN project compromises of laying fibres for a staggering 2.46 lakh Kms. The project is being completed at a pathetic pace and the trenches are dug out for a mere 4,334km.

The problem seems to lie with the local authorities who are taking their sweet time to approve of the work. BSNL is also facing setbacks in procuring the important components like the ducts which are essential for laying out the Optical cables. Once completed this project will put every Indian village on the Map as an Broadband enabled region.

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January 16, 2015 12:11 pm 12:11 PM

[…] will be a challenging task for Mr. Srivastava as he will be responsible for the NOFN(National Optical Fibre Network) project which is going at snail pace. Only 6% of the cable laying […]

September 18, 2014 9:42 am 9:42 AM

Stop collection of USO contribution from telecom operators and ask them to provide all telecom services in every village in their respective Licensed areas – – Then it is possible. (DOT get USO contribution payment from telecom operators for not providing services in all the villages/areas under their licensed area).

September 17, 2014 10:56 pm 10:56 PM

Gov should see how RJio completing its OFC network across the country. They started laying just about a year ago and are ready for launch by this year end.

September 18, 2014 1:42 pm 1:42 PM