Poll: DND To Curb Spam SMS a Boon or Bane ?

DND To Curb Spam SMS a Boon or a BaneWith TRAI’s regulation on increase in SMS limit which made a gateway for few tele marketers to promote the product though sms but also made an impact to customer that they were able to send more than 100 sms.

This increase in sms and limit has both positive and negative impact on customers some were happy that they can send more than 100 sms per day were as some had a negative impact that this 200 sms limit will now be exploited by tele marketers.

Although we saw few customers were still getting spam msgs even though they were still on DND .

With most of the operators taking first initiative operator had to take some strict action which made them to impose fine and disconnection of tele marketers number.

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July 31, 2012 11:16 am 11:16 AM

DND on Idea network is a fail. BIG FAIL! Porting to vodafone or airtel soon.

February 6, 2012 4:37 pm 4:37 PM

in tn aircel gives 200 sms per day

February 6, 2012 2:44 pm 2:44 PM

The title Poll: DND To Curb Spam SMS a Boon or Bane ? and poll questions does not seems to justify each other. TRAI’s limit on SMSs has positive impact on DND but still I say it is not a Boon for me.