Dish TV OTT Platform Watcho Witness Increase in Content Viewership

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Dish TV increased the content game and released its OTT platform Watcho for subscribers to give them the premium and best content. Since the government has announced the lockdown period, people have been relying on TV and OTT platforms for their entertainment purposes. The OTT arm of Dish TV Watcho has witnessed a 50% increase in content consumption. Also, the average time spent by users on the platform has been increased in March 2020. Watcho has also added one million new subscribers in the month which has increased the subscribers count to three million.

Watcho’s Bandwidth is Optimised for Better Performance

Since the entire nation is in lockdown, telecom operators are facing a huge burden to provide stable network connections as the load on network towers was increased. To ensure seamless connectivity, telecom operators urged OTT platforms to reduce the streaming quality. Watcho is also doing its part to aid telecom operators, and it has reduced the native resolution to 480p without compromising quality. Watcho has also optimised its streaming bandwidth to provide uninterrupted content to viewers and reduced network load on the internet.

Watcho is Focused on Short Format Storytelling Content

Watcho has built a unique content library since the beginning of operations. Anil Dua, who is the Executive Director and Group CEO of Dish TV India Ltd, stated that Watcho’s viewership had been increased significantly from January 2020. The primary reason behind the increased growth is the strategy pulled out by the company to create engaging short stories and engaging content to hook the viewers in the platform. Also, Watcho has been famous among the millennial generation as it covers a variety of genres like Drama, comedy, thrillers and many more.

Some Watcho Shows Which Readers Must Binge Watch

Watcho’s content library is finely crafted with best shows that covered multiple genres to provide premium content to subscribers. Also, Watcho is focused on short format storytelling for digital consumption. Some of the Watcho shows which readers must watch are 4 Thieves, Love Crisis, Mortuary, Chhoriyan and many more. Also, Reader must check out original influencer shows like Look I can cook, Bikhare Hain Alfaaz and many more.

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