Dish TV and Airtel Digital TV DTH Connection Compared After New Trai DTH Rules

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When it comes to DTH services, until now, there have been different demarcations for the consumers as to which DTH operator they should opt. However, the coming of the new Trai rules regarding the DTH and broadcasting industry might change this. Bharti Airtel’s DTH services, named Airtel Digital TV and Dish TV are two quite popular names in the DTH industry. The consumers repeatedly look up to these DTH service providers for their DTH connections. In the past, before the new changes to the Trai tariff regime were rolled out, there were different strengths for each DTH operator. While people preferred Dish TV for different reasons, and Airtel Digital TV for different reasons, these have now been nullified by Trai. It also means that Airtel Digital TV connection and Dish TV connections are more comparable than ever. Here, we discuss how the changes to the Multi TV policy, Network Capacity Fee rules (NCF) and the other channel packs, related changes will affect the attractiveness of a particular DTH service provider.


Changes Affecting DTH Prices Under New Rules

One of the prime reasons why subscribers used to prefer Dish TV or D2h, for that matter, over the other DTH operators was because it was shipping lower Multi TV pricing for the subscribers. However, now the competition for Dish TV will be more as now every other DTH operator will also be forced to offer the secondary DTH connection at the 40% of the NCF being charged for the primary connection. This means that all the subscribers of Multi TV connections will be paying Rs 50 per secondary connection as NCF. This reduces the attractiveness of the Multi TV policy of Dish TV and gives an edge to Airtel Digital TV.

For OTT Content Viewers

If you are someone who likes to watch OTT content on your TV screen, then you are most likely to go for a Hybrid Set-Top Box. This also means that you will be spending a bit more as compared to the standard HD Set-Top Box which the subscriber purchase. In case of Airtel Digital TV, this would be the Airtel Xstream Box of Rs 3,999, and in the case of Dish TV subscribers, it would be the Dish SMRT Hub for Rs 2,499. In this case, the Dish TV subscribers will have an edge since its Hybrid Set-Top Box is priced cheaper.

Comparison for HD Set-Top Box

When it comes to HD Set-Top Box, things change a little bit as the pricing of the Airtel Digital TV HD Set-Top Box is cheaper. The new subscribers can get the Airtel Digital TV HD Set-Top Box for Rs 1,300. On the other hand, the HD Set-Top Box of Dish TV is available for Rs 1,590. Although, there is a limited time offer under which the subscribers can get one-month free subscription along with the Set-Top Box price. Still, the subscribers will have to pay close to Rs 300 extra when compared to Airtel Digital TV.

Things to Keep in Mind

Summarising, it can be said that subscribers looking for an HD connection will be better off getting an Airtel Digital TV connection. But, if you want OTT services, then the Dish SMRT Hub would make much more sense. It is also worth noting that the new Trai DTH rules come into effect on March 1. This means that all the changes related to channel packs, Multi TV and NCF will be applicable only after February.

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