Dish TV Providing Over 250 Channels for Only Rs 219 Per Month Under New Festive Offer

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When it comes to choosing DTH operators, one of the names that is one the tip of the customers oftentimes is Dish TV. Until a few days back, Dish TV was also the top DTH provider in the country by subscriber count and hence the subscriber market share, until it was superseded by Tata Sky. However, that doesn’t mean that Dish TV has put down its weapons in the DTH industry. The DTH operator is facing the problem of quitting subscribers who are leaving their DTH connections altogether and to combat this, and it is making a lot of efforts on the consumer front so that it can retain its customers in a better way. The DTH company has also announced the launch of a Hybrid Set-Top Box recently, to lure more customers. But, in a new introduction amongst its popular offer, there is also a festive offer which is bound to catch the attention of the Dish TV customers.


Dish TV Festive Offer Explained

As part of this new festive offer, Dish TV is offering a handful of channel packs at older prices. By older prices, Dish TV is referring to the prices which were in place before the coming of the new Trai tariff regime. Now, as you can imagine, since the prices of the monthly DTH connections have shot up by quite a margin for many customers after the transition to the new Trai regime, this is an offering which the customers will like. However, being such an attractive deal, there is definitely a catch to this offer.

The catch here is that the subscribers should opt for a two year subscription period to enjoy these prices. Now, what this entails is that although Dish TV will get a less monthly rental from these subscribers, it would still be able to hold on to them for a long time. A strategy which would help it in retaining its subscriber base which seems to be declining at a rapid speed.

Customers to Be Bound for a Two Year Period

As part of this Festive offer, Dish TV has announced few channel packs which the subscribers would be able to avail and the first of them would be Family Entertainment SD and the 24-month price for this would be Rs 5,256 translating to a monthly cost of Rs 219. Similarly, the 24 months price of other channels packs as listed by Dish TV are Family Entertainment HD for Rs 71,76 (Rs 299 monthly price), Family English SD Pack for Rs 7,800 with a monthly cost of Rs 325, Family English HD channel pack for Rs 10,776 with a monthly rental of Rs 449. Further on, we have the Family Cricket Pack SD pack for Rs 6,600 with an effective monthly rental of Rs 275, Family Cricket Pack HD Pack for Rs 8,376 with an effective monthly rental of Rs 349. It is also worth noting that all of these channel packs offer more than 250 channels and even much more than that which makes these channel packs very attractive for the two-year pricing.

Dish TV Launches Hybrid Set-Top Box to Retain Competitive Edge

It is also worth noting that Dish TV has also launched a competing Android Set-Top Box to battle out Airtel Xstream Box and the Jio 4K Set-Top Box. This new Hybrid Set-Top Box is another nail in the coffin against the declining subscriber base which Dish TV has been facing since the last few months. The new Hybrid Set-Top Box would be available for Rs 2,499 for the existing customers and for the new customers, the Set-Top Box would cost Rs 3,999. In the DTH industry, where most subscribers are quitting to migrate to the OTT services which are costing them much less, the DTH operators are trying to bring the OTT services to the subscribers themselves.

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