Dexetra Launches Friday, World’s First Life Search Mobile Application

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Kochi -India based Mobile products development company Dexetra today launched “Friday”, world’s first life search application for Android smartphones.

Friday helps users remember their lives, it automates the process of building a self-database by creating a semantic map of activities that the users do on their mobile phone and also identifying the places they visit. This enables users to travel back in time and pinpoint the info they need.

The database building process happens real-time and requires almost zero user input. Users can always enhance the map with extra info. To retrieve information from Friday users have to just ask a question via Voice or Text in plain English.

Friday integrates itself with the Android OS (Operating System) on a very deep and intricate level to derive the content created by the user. Dexetra has also deployed its proprietary algorithms to understand and store the content in such a way that it becomes easier for the Application to fetch the information as and when it is required.

Furthermore, Dexetra has also incorporated a smart search algorithm to deliver the user with apt results instantaneously from the semantically mapped database. A lot of research has gone into ensuring that the App (Application) understands English language questions.

Users can sign for Friday Alpha invites at . The current version of Friday supports English language and Dexetra plans to extend to more languages. Apart from this the company is also exploring more ways to create and consume content.

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