Deutsche Telekom Highlights 5G Network Slicing With Mobile Live Broadcasting Product

Deutsche Telekom has highlighted the 5G Network Slicing feature of 5G Networks, which enables mobile journalists to broadcast high-quality videos through smartphones or tablets in real time. This new service, now available, ensures stable broadcasting for live events with dedicated bandwidth for seamless data transmission.


  • 5G Network Slicing enables mobile journalists to broadcast high-quality videos in real time with smartphones or tablets.
  • Deutsche Telekom's 5G Live Video Production product ensures stable broadcasting for live events with dedicated bandwidth.
  • Collaboration with RTL Deutschland for testing and innovation.

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deutsche telekom 5g network slicing live broadcasting
In its latest announcement, Deutsche Telekom has emphasized the 5G Network Slicing feature of 5G Networks. Telekom stated that the TV reporting landscape is undergoing a transformation as mobile broadcasting takes centre stage, replacing bulky SNG broadcasting vans with mobile backpack solutions.

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Deutsche Telekom's 5G Live Video Production Product

Telekom highlighted its collaboration with RTL Deutschland in testing the "5G Live Video Production" product last year, which is now being made available. Telekom stated that this new service ensures stable broadcasting for live events. Consequently, TV teams can reliably transmit their live HD video streams, even without a satellite connection.

Network Slicing Feature

Telekom stated that with this product/service, the challenge of smoothly broadcasting live images is addressed. A separate network for high-quality broadcasting using a virtual network section, also known as a "Slice," is used in the 5G Standalone Network. This ensures the necessary and dedicated bandwidth for seamless data transmission.

RTL Deutschland commented, "Telekom's 5G standalone network meets the high demands of TV production. We will increasingly use the technology for live broadcasting in the future. With RTL+, we have already established a successful partnership with Telekom at MagentaTV. For UEFA EURO 2024, we most recently agreed a full production partnership. Our collaboration on 5G live production is now another milestone in technology development and innovation in the German TV market."

Telekom has expressed its intent to bring mobile journalists closer to their audiences by enabling stable real-time broadcasting of high-quality videos through smartphones or tablets. According to Telekom, Network Slicing and 5G Live Video Production are supported on the Telekom 5G network with the iPhone 15 and iPhone 14 lineup running iOS 17, as well as the 11-inch iPad Pro (4th generation) and 12.9-inch iPad Pro (6th generation) running iPadOS 17.

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Telekom provided an example of how iPhones equipped with recording lights and microphones will soon outperform OB vans. With compact and powerful equipment, journalists can now reliably broadcast on the go.

Regarding the background of this solution, Telekom said "Many TV broadcasters still use satellites to go live on air. Less flexible and expensive vehicles are used for this, which usually weigh more than 3.5 tons. Alternatively, broadcasters can use backpack solutions with transmission units. In the future, a smartphone will suffice. With the help of network slicing, the transmission thus achieves the same performance and quality - all with stable upload speeds."

5G Mobile Journalism

Telekom highlighted that "5G Mobile Journalism" provides an efficient solution for professional video streaming, simplifying the process for reporters to deliver high-quality videos to their audience.

Deutsche Telekom 5G Network

Telekom noted that it first introduced 5G with 5G NSA in 2019 and is currently testing 5G Standalone (5G SA). The operator stated that all sites in the 3.6 GHz and 2.1 GHz bands are prepared for 5G Standalone.

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Smooth Live Images with 5G Network Slicing

The announcement highlighted the successful experience during testing when RTL and Telekom utilized 5G network slicing to transmit video signals in real-time. Network slicing, a key feature of 5G Standalone, enables multiple virtual network slices, each tailored with unique service characteristics to meet individual requirements. This technology is said to ensure stable upload speeds, even during network congestion.

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