D2h Set-Top Boxes Allow Users to Watch 12 Programmes of a Particular Genre at One Go: Here’s How it Works

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Dish TV owned DTH service provider, D2h has been putting massive efforts lately to occupy the maximum share of the pie in the broadcasting industry. After the Trai Tariff regime, there has been a mass movement of subscribers between the major operators. While cable TV subscribers have changed their operators and moved to DTH providers, DTH subscribers who were not satisfied with the service of their operators have decided to make a switch too. Now being one of the top players in the industry, D2h is likely to see some positive response and on top of that the provider is also shipping attractive long term plans, channel packs and more which makes D2h an attractive choice for the consumers. In case you're looking to switch to D2h, then this take on D2h’ set-top boxes will help you decide the best one for you.

D2h HD RF Set-Top Box

Notably, D2h is offering three types of set-top boxes for new consumers. The first set-top box is the HD RF set-top box. This STB being an HD one will offer unique functionality of recording to the users which is not available in other D2h set-top boxes. In case you're not able to catch your favourite live or scheduled show, then you will be able to record it on the HD RF set-top box to watch it later. You will also be able to schedule your recording and set a time for when you want to start or stop the recording of your show. Lastly, this STB from D2h will also allow you to rewind or fast forward your shows in 32x speed saving you valuable time and also allowing you to skip certain parts.

Some additional functionality of the HD RF set-top box includes live TV pausing, auto serial recording and mosaic which is something that will display up to 12 channels of a particular genre at once on your TV screen. D2h has set the price of this set-top box at Rs 2,320 inclusive of installation and activation.

D2h Digital Set-Top Box

The Digital Set-top box is a basic offering from D2h and it will be available to the consumers at the price of Rs 2,020 inclusive of installation and activation and this STB will also provide you with the Mosaic feature to see multiple channels simultaneously. There will also be support for multiple languages, up to 12 languages including Hindi, Marathi, Bangla and more. This STB will also allow you to previews screens before flipping channels and you'll have access to news tickers as well. It's worth noting that this STB will only avail you SD channels.

D2h Digital HD Set-Top Box

The Digital HD Set-top box is the intermediate offering from D2h and it is available for Rs 2,220. This STB offers basic functionality with HD channels like HDMI connection and full HD quality but misses out on additional features like Mosaic, recording, forward, rewind and more.


It is pretty evident that with most of the subscribers using HD TV, the HD RF set-top box makes the most sense as it comes with all the bundled features and HD quality. However, if you own an SD TV, then you can also opt for the D2h Digital Set-top box.

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