CyrusOne to Build Seventh Data Center Campus in Frankfurt

CyrusOne announces its seventh data center campus, FRA7, in Frankfurt, Germany, emphasizing sustainability, waste heat reuse, and innovation.


  • FRA7 is planned with a total capacity of 81 megawatts, distributed across nine data halls.
  • The FRA7 campus will be a highly sustainable development.
  • The site will include over 5,500 square meters of open green space and over 60 trees.

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CyrusOne to Build Seventh Data Center Campus in Frankfurt
Global data centre developer and operator CyrusOne, based in Texas, has announced plans to build its seventh data centre campus in Frankfurt. According to the announcement made on Thursday, the new campus, FRA7, will be located on a 63,000 square meter plot at Frankfurt Westside, a 73-hectare commercial and industrial mixed-use regeneration project.

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According to the statement, CyrusOne was selected following a competitive selection process that favoured a partner committed to delivering a data centre prioritizing sustainability. CyrusOne partnered with BEOS AG and Swiss Life Asset Managers on this project, with shared goals of sustainability and biodiversity.

CyrusOne FRA7 Location

CyrusOne stated that Frankfurt is a significant location for CyrusOne in Europe, with several operational data centres and further development underway. FRA7 is its largest development in Frankfurt to date.

The project is part of the Frankfurt Westside business area, a large mixed-use campus focused on sustainability, resource efficiency, renewable energy, and open space design.

CyrusOne FRA7 Capacity

FRA7 will have a total capacity of 81 megawatts delivered across nine data halls in two 3-story buildings. The facility aims to achieve a BREEAM 'Very Good' certification and an annualized PUE (Power Usage Effectiveness) of <1.3, exceeding European energy efficiency directive targets for 2030. The facility is said to align with anticipated energy efficiency targets proposed by German legislation.

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Waste Heat Reuse

CyrusOne said waste heat reuse methods will be deployed within both buildings, with a potential of 40 MW of waste heat delivered to the campus heating network at full capacity.

Renewable Energy

The facility will be powered by renewable energy, consistent with CyrusOne's entire operational portfolio in Europe since June 2021. Furthermore, the company has stated that sustainable materials and construction practices will be employed to reduce CO2 emissions.


The statement highlighted that dedicated biodiversity initiatives will be prioritised, including ecological landscaping, the provision of 5,500 square meters of open green space, and the planting of over sixty trees. Over 1,800 square meters of the facility walls and roofs will be 'green,' providing aesthetic benefits and improving air quality.

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Project Timeline

"Demolition and site clearance are already underway and will be complete by Q1 2024. Construction is set to commence in Q3 2024, with capacity delivery expected by Q2 2026," CyrusOne said.

CyrusOne's vision for Frankfurt

"Frankfurt is an incredibly important location for CyrusOne in Europe with 60 MW IT capacity across four operational data centres and another 126 MW under development. It is a real milestone to be planning our seventh facility in the city, and our biggest development to date in Frankfurt," explains CyrusOne.

CyrusOne says the FRA7 campus will be a highly sustainable development, powered by renewable energy and incorporating waste heat recovery methods and aligns with BEOS' commitment to creating innovative and productive spaces.

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