Antel Completes 5G Rollout in All 19 Departmental Capitals of Uruguay

This is a significant milestone for Antel and for Uruguay as a whole, as 5G is the next generation of cellular technology that promises to deliver much faster speeds and lower latency than 4G.


  • Antel launches 5G services in Durazno, expanding its reach.
  • Antel is the first provider to offer 5G services in Uruguay.
  • 5G Now Available in All Departmental Capitals of Uruguay

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Antel Completes 5G Roll Out in All 19 Uruguayan Departmental Capitals
Uruguayan state-owned operator Antel launched 5G services in the city of Durazno on August 30th. This launch in Durazno follows the announcement of 5G activation in San Jose on August 18th, as reported by TelecomTalk. Antel states that with this latest launch, the telco has successfully completed the 5G rollout in all 19 departmental capitals of Uruguay.

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5G as a Tool to Empower

Announcing this significant 5G milestone, Antel declared, "It is of utmost importance to provide all Uruguayans with a tool and an instrument that fundamentally aids them in exploring new opportunities and generating job prospects. These opportunities should allow citizens to develop their knowledge with the best available technology without the necessity of leaving their place of birth."

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Antel turns on 5G at the Centenario Stadium

In other 5G developments, on Friday, as part of the Uruguay vs. Chile match, Antel activated 5G technology at the Centennial Stadium. Antel further announced that its customers would have the seamless capability to watch all the qualifying matches on Antel TV via the 5G network on their mobile phones.

Antel 5G Rollout

Antel initially introduced 5G services in Uruguay during the last week of June, making it the first provider to offer 5G services in the country, as reported by TelecomTalk. The 5G launch follows Antel's acquisition of a 100 MHz frequency in the 3.5 GHz band, enabling the deployment of 5G networks.

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Antel users within the coverage areas of the 3.5 GHz 5G network, equipped with a 5G-compatible device, will be able to enjoy high-speed connectivity and experience a trial of this service.

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