Connaught Place becomes a free Wi-Fi zone

Delhi’s Connaught Place (CP) can now enjoy free Wi-Fi facility from coming Sunday. Tata Teleservices Limited and New Delhi Municipal Council (NDMC) will be launching public wi-fi access in national capital on November 16.

“The Wi-Fi service in Connaught Place will cover more than 4.5 sq. km. The deployment of Wi-Fi hotspot will ensure seamless connectivity in the inner and outer circles of one of the most significant business and leisure centres in the city,” the company said.

“The launch is in sync with the emerging trends of data consumption especially by the younger generation for whom it is imperative to stay connected round-the-clock,” it said.

Tata Docomo has a strong portfolio of providing Wi-Fi hotspots in prominent public areas that has high footfalls. Some of these includes: Delhi Domestic and T3 International Airport, Feroz Shah Kotla Cricket Stadium. Two month ago, Telangana government had launched free Wi-Fi facility in 17 locations spreading 8 km in Hyderabad in partnership with Airtel for a period of three-month. It plans to extended the pilot implementation to the entire city by year-end.

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November 16, 2014 3:15 pm 3:15 PM

Civic bodies should take initiatives in providing free Wi-Fi at public places like railway stations, bus depot and other public thoroughfare. This step will a long way in ensuring safety. Govt/authorities can ropein the ailing Telecom PSUs by giving subsidies. A nominal cess (or of similar kinds) can be on the services provided st the locations to offset revenue burden. Free Wi-Fi access should only be handled only by govt controlled agencies, to ensure no misuses of data-flow by entities with vested interests at these places

S Gopal
November 17, 2014 3:21 am 3:21 AM

Completely agree with you.

November 16, 2014 1:57 pm 1:57 PM

free wifi means what ?

it will be unlimited free or with capping
speed ?

if its free all the exisiting internet connections (atleast fixed) can be wiped out ??

S Gopal
November 16, 2014 1:09 am 1:09 AM
Wonder why MTNL could not be roped in to provide the wifi services, especially when they had stated a few months ago that they are heading into wifi hotspots zones in a big way. Interestingly, MTNL’s broadband network in NDMC areas of New Delhi provides promised speeds to users, suffers little or no downtime and the exchanges falling within NDMC Delhi do respond to customers’ queries and resolve the issues. They even have their FTTH network functioning in NDMC Delhi yet they seem to have overlooked. Such a project could have been a vista for them to increase their landline… Read more »