Common Myths and Facts About 5G Network

The world is evolving at a fast pace and so are the technologies of the modern era. From living in an era of 1G to being a part of the 5G transition the world has come a long way. Today, we dwell in a software-defined autonomous world and that's why the evolution of the wireless network to 5G technology is quite a milestone to achieve.


  • With 5G technology, you are going to experience extremely low latency, enhanced connectivity, higher security, and better network compatibility.
  • 5G is safe, secure, enhances connectivity and speeds upto 20-30x than current networks.
  • 5G is not going to replace Wi-Fi.

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Common Myths and Facts About 5G NetworkThe modern technologies such as 5G are evolving at a fast pace with new innovations and inventions that facilitate our lifestyles. At present we dwell in a software-defined autonomous world and that’s why the evolution of the wireless network to 5G technology is quite a milestone to achieve. 5G refers to the 5th generation of cellular networks that aims at improving internet and phone connectivity by delivering ultra-fast internet and providing customers with an unprecedented multimedia experience. However, certain myths have revolved around the technology. In this story, let's debunk the same and learn some facts.

Common Myths and Facts about 5G:

1. 5G is Only for Mobile Phones

Most people feel that 5G is another technology and is just for Mobile phones. No, it is not the case with 5G Technology. 5G technology is designed in such a way that it changes the way the internet works on devices. It will help the industrial world on account of its super-fast speed, low latency, and great connectivity and from gaming to businesses, everything is going to witness a drastic change. Even devices will get connected with the super capacity of 5G Networks including our smartphones and other gadgets which need connectivity.

2. No Difference from 4G

The difference between 4G and 5G is that the parameters of latency, download speeds, base stations, and cell density are high in 5G. Users can access speeds of up to 20 Gb per second, experience latency as low as 1 ms, and enjoy high-resolution streaming and video watching. 5G is more from an experience perspective and you can perform a lot with limitless possibilities.

3. 5G Uses More Energy

The 5G network is going to use optimised energy as the antennas will work only on demand. They will be used only where there is a need to transmit data. Also, the data transmitted within a given time will be more with 5G than in other generation networks.

4. Health Hazards related to 5G

There is a misconception that exposure to 5G Networks will pose health hazards. It is just a myth and is confirmed by several health authorities across the world, including countries like Norway and Germany. The exposure threshold of 5G is below the required standards of antenna installation, and hence, the radio waves of 5G signals are not going to affect any lives. Radio waves lie in the non-ionizing zone of the electromagnetic spectrum, and they do not have enough energy to do any damage.

5. 5G is Not Secured

5G provides an enhanced security system with better subscriber identity protection, new authentication procedures, and other mechanisms. Infact 5G is more secure than any other generation network due to its more bandwidth and authentication procedures. You can rest assured 5G is all secured.

6. 5G to Replace Wi-Fi

Both are different technologies and work to cater to different needs. 5G provides cellular connectivity, whereas Wi-Fi provides connectivity to devices within limited ranges and is cost-effective. 5G is not going to replace Wi-Fi technology.

As per researchers, 5G will grow exponentially and will provide connections to more than 1.5 billion people by the year 2024 which provide ultra-fast internet connections, speed up industrial processes and help in remote monitoring, real-time traffic control, and a lot more, thereby making them run their functions more efficiently.

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