Cisco Predicts Internet Traffic in India to grow four fold by 2020

Global networking giant, Cisco Predicts Internet Traffic in India by 2020 to be 249x the volume of the entire Indian Internet in 2005. In its 11th Visual Networking Index report, states that the IP traffic in India will grow 4-fold in 2020, with video being the main trigger and almost 69% of all networked devices will be mobile-connected in 2020. Smartphones will account for 37% (702.1 million) of all networked devices in 2020, compared to 18% (239.4 million) in 2015.


In India, Internet traffic will reach 4.1 Exabytes per month in 2020, up from 946 Petabytes per month in 2015. While mobile data traffic will grow 12-fold from 2015 to 2020, at a annual growth of 63%. Total Internet video traffic (business and consumer, combined) will be 75% of all Internet traffic in 2020, up from 51% in 2015. The average fixed broadband speed will grow 2.5-fold from 2015 to 2020, from 5.1 Mbps to 12.9 Mbps. While an average Internet user will generate 6.1 gigabytes per month in 2015, up 21% from 5.0 gigabytes per month in 2014.

The report also predict global IP traffic to reach 194.4 exabytes per month by 2020, up from 72.5 exabytes per month in 2015. While 48.2 percent of all fixed and mobile networked devices and connections will be IPv6-capable by 2020—up from 23.3 percent in 2015. The global broadband speeds will nearly double from 24.7 Mbps in 2015 to 47.7 Mbps by 2020. By 2020, 71 percent of total IP traffic will originate with non-PC devices including tablets, smartphones, and televisions, compared to 47 percent in 2015.

Another interesting observation the report is that consumer Internet video traffic will be 82 percent of consumer Internet traffic by 2020—up from 68 percent in 2015. Globally, total public Wi-Fi hotspots including home spots will grow 7X from 2015 (64 million) to 2020 (432 million). In 2015, Wi-Fi and mobile-connected devices generated 62 percent of Internet traffic. However, by 2020, Wi-Fi and mobile-connected devices will generate 78 percent of Internet traffic (Wi-Fi: 59 percent; cellular: 19 percent; fixed: 22 percent).

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