CelcomDigi Partners With Huawei and ZTE for Network Integration and Modernisation in Malaysia

This initiative aims to strengthen Malaysia's 4G network, enhance user experience, and pave the way for future technologies, including 5G.


  • CelcomDigi partners with Huawei and ZTE for nationwide network integration and modernisation.
  • The project involves upgrading and consolidating almost 25,000 existing sites.
  • The network can seamlessly transition to a 5G network with an 18,000-site reach.

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CelcomDigi Partners With Huawei and ZTE for Network Integration and Modernisation in Malaysia

Malaysia's telecommunications service provider CelcomDigi has announced its collaboration with Huawei Technologies (Malaysia) and ZTE Corporation (Malaysia) for a nationwide network integration and modernisation project. According to the official release, the partnership aims to modernise Malaysia's 4G network with the latest LTE and 5G-ready technologies.

Nationwide Network Integration and Modernisation

According to CelcomDigi, the project marks one of the country's largest telecommunications network deployment initiatives and follows the merger between Celcom and Digi in December 2022.

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CelcomDigi in June said they will share more information on the network integration and modernisation efforts in due course as reported by TelecomTalk and now announced the plans of its nation wide network efforts.

CelcomDigi says the project will involve the upgradation and site consolidation of around 25,000 existing Celcom and Digi sites nationwide, involving close to 800 engineers and 250 specialised contractor teams.

Technologies to Enhance User Experience

As part of the agreements, CelcomDigi will significantly modernise its nationwide Radio Access Network (RAN) through the latest technologies provided by Huawei and ZTE. This move is expected to result in higher throughputs, expanded network coverage, and an overall improved user experience for customers.

Among the technology solutions to be utilised are the latest Tri-band Radio Units, Dualband Radio Units, and Baseband Radio Units, complementing the technology that enhances cost efficiency and enables lower site footprint and power consumption. Huawei and ZTE will be key in managing network densification and site upgrade projects, deploying capacity-enhancing Dual Band Massive MIMO 32T32R technology.

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Efficient Network Operations with Intelligent Network Monitoring

Moreover, CelcomDigi also said it will incorporate Intelligent Network Monitoring tools into its operations to ensure efficient network management and maintenance. These tools will enhance service analysis quality and facilitate dynamic response in handling network alerts.

Future-Proofing for Malaysia's 5G Evolution

According to the statement, the new network is designed to be adaptable for future transitions into a new 5G network, with a reach of 18,000 sites, positioning Malaysia for ultra-high speeds and low latency.

CelcomDigi has announced plans to enhance and update its network in clusters. The company will prioritise expanding coverage and capacity through upgrading sites with the latest 4G and 5G-ready technologies, as well as eliminating duplication by streamlining overlapping sites.

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Enhancing Coverage and Performance

The company said it is improving its network with a multi-layer, multi-band approach, including deploying the 900 MHz spectrum for better coverage and indoor service quality. Customers can expect an improved experience, with coverage reaching from 96 percent to 98 percent of populated areas across the country.

As per its Q1 2023 earnings report, CelcomDigi plans to re-investing 15 percent to 18 percent of total revenue in CAPEX to support the network integration and modernisation programme, alongside further enhancements to existing Celcom and Digi networks. The company intends to maintain a strong pace of integration execution, striving to complete the network exercise within the next two and a half to three years.

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