Cable Virtual Network Operator: The next big thing in India’s cable TV sector

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The digital cable segment is undergoing a paradigm shift and digitization is an important part of it. MCOF ( Maharashtra Cable Operators Federation) recently came up with an initiative along with Multi System Operators. This new technology is called Cable Virtual Network Operator(CVNO) and it ensures that the LMOs(Last Mile Operators) could use the infrastructure from the MSOs which will include the STB(Set Top Boxes) and also the software needed to manage the subscribers by themselves.


The LMOs are yet to completely familiarize themselves with the new operational model. In the meanwhile the CVNO model has been successfully implemented in Mumbai and Kolkata. Other states will soon follow suit and implement the CVNO model. The LMOs have signed a memorandum of understanding with MSOs so that they can use their infrastructure.

How it will affect the consumers?

The million dollar question is how it will affect the end consumers and will it be of any benefit to them. The CVNO model will let consumers have a greater control over what they watch and what they pay for. It will also help the LMOs to operate their business efficiently and in turn ensure that the customers have a hassle free experience. This model will also help in a more refined billing method and a ticketing system for subscribers complaints. The Cable Tv in India is finally heading for the big change, after which it hopefully will be better than the DTHs.

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