BSNL Wi-Fi Allows Users to Enjoy High-Speed Internet in Public Locations, Plans Start at Rs 10

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State-owned telco, BSNL wants every Indian to be a netizen. For that, every Indian must have a smartphone or device which can support internet. BSNL is going to spread high-speed internet connectivity throughout India. The locations which telco wants to target are university campuses, libraries, hospitals, colleges, schools, post offices, and other public places such as parks, health centres, and tourist attractions. For this, BSNL is going to set-up its Wi-Fi network which will be accessible to everyone near it for free. Every location where the Wi-Fi will be called a ‘Wi-Fi Hotspot Zone’. The first location to be targeted by the telco to convert it into a Wi-Fi hotspot zone is Varanasi.

How to Connect to BSNL Wi-Fi?

If you are wondering about how to connect to the BSNL Wi-Fi when you are in the Wi-Fi hotspot zone, you must have a smartphone. Without a smartphone which can connect to the Wi-Fi, you won’t be able to make use of the public Wi-Fi. With that, you need to have an active SIM card on your device as well which can receive messages. So to connect with the BSNL Wi-Fi, all you need to do is go to your Wi-Fi settings. Search and connect with the ‘BSNL Wi-Fi’. Tap on 'connect' and then you will be prompted to enter a 10 digit registered mobile number. After entering your mobile number, you need to tap on ‘Get PIN’ option and you will receive a 6 digit PIN via SMS. Enter that PIN and you will be connected with the BSNL Wi-FI.

If you are facing trouble connecting to the BSNL Wi-Fi, then you can contact the support team of the telco. In case you are not being redirected to the ‘Welcomepage after connecting to the WI-FI, then enter any URL in the browser of your device so that you get redirected to the ‘Welcome’ page manually. You can also verify the internet speed which you are getting with the telco's website.

BSNL Wi-Fi Coupons You Can Buy

After connecting to the BSNL Wi-Fi, you will be able to use the free internet for a limited amount of data only. After your free data limit is over, to continue browsing high-speed internet, you can buy a data coupon from the telco. There are different rates for coupons depending on the kind of area you are using the Wi-Fi in. If you are in a rural area, then you will be availed with three plans—one for Rs 25, another for Rs 45, and the last one for Rs 150. With the Rs 25 BSNL Rural Wi-Fi plan, you will get 2GB internet data with a validity of 7 days. Coming to the most expensive rural Wi-Fi plan from BSNL, with Rs 150, you will get 28GB data with a validity of 28 days.

Talking about the plans which are not for rural areas; there are 17 plans available to you with the cheapest plan ranging from Rs 10 to the most expensive plan of Rs 1,999. Different plans will offer you a different amount of data with different validity periods. The most expensive plan from BSNL Wi-Fi which is marked at Rs 1,999 will provide you with 160GB data with a validity of 28 days. All the prices of the plans are inclusive of GST. The unused data benefits will expire the day validity of your ends.

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