BSNL Subscribers Express Disappointment After Extra Data Offer Expiry on Prepaid Plans

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In some regions of the country, the state-led telecom operator, Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) is one of the most favoured operators by the public. Although it might not be the case for the majority of public across the country, at least such is the case for states like Kerala. A few months back, BSNL rolled out tons of very attractive offers for its subscribers. Although the telecom operator does not offer an extensive and very reliable 4G network, it makes up for that in its data offerings. As a result, BSNL remains the only operator which is shipping a daily data plan for 365 days for only Rs 1,699. Not only this, as a cherry on the top for the consumers, BSNL started offering extra data to a lot of its subscribers. Which means that while recharging with a particular plan, BSNL was offering as much as 3GB or 2GB data per day to its customers, which is double or triple of the data offering which they usually get. However, like all the other offers, this was a limited-time offering. But, apparently, the customers of BSNL do not seem to be taking it well.


BSNL Consumers Disappointed as Offers End

It is worth noting that back in November, BSNL announced that one of its prepaid plans would ship with 3GB data per day, up from its usual limit of 2GB data per day. This meant that the subscribers would enjoy 1GB data per day. Now, what a lot of subscribers missed in this offer was the withdrawal date of the offer which said that the offer would last only for a few days and would end at yearend. The information was rolled out to the users at the start of the offer period. But, it seems that the users grew accustomed to the new offerings, and a lot of the customers assumed that the actual data limit of the plan had been extended to offer 3GB data per day.

After this, came the day of the offer withdrawal. Since the offer was to lapse on January 1, 2020, BSNL stopped giving the 1GB extra data benefit on its prepaid plans to a lot of its subscribers. However, this did not go well with the customers of BSNL. As soon as the customers noticed that their data offering had been reduced from the promotional offering of 3GB per day down to 2GB per day, a lot of the subscribers reached out to the official Twitter account of BSNL and expressed their disappointment. In the coming days, it can be expected that a lot of other users are going to realise about the reduced benefit that they have been enjoying on their plans with an extra one or two GB of data.

BSNL Shipping Attractive Data Offers for Subscribers

With this being said, the fact cannot be ignored that BSNL’s offerings remain one of the most attractive one in the market. The telecom operator is also the one which has not yet introduced the price hike on its prepaid plans while the other telecom operators have increased the prices of their plans by as much as 40%. Some of the most attractive plans by BSNL include Rs 1,699 prepaid plan which offers 2GB data per day to the users for 365 days straight with 250 minutes of calling in a day and 100 SMS per day benefit. There is also the Rs 1,999 prepaid plan by BSNL which was bundling 60 days of extra benefit, thus offering 425 days of validity and 3GB data per day as its base benefit.

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