BSNL revises broadband plans in UP West

After revising broadband plans in other parts of the country, BSNL has launched revised broadband plans in the UP West circle. BSNL customers in areas of Etawah, Pilibhit, and Rampur will now have to pay more for their existing home broadband plans.


BSNL has revised monthly charges of unlimited internet plans and renamed the existing broadband plans (BB Home UL 545, BB Home Combo UL 675, BB Home Combo UL 845, BBG Combo ULD 945, BBG Combo ULD 999, BBG Rural Combo UL 650, BBG Combo ULD 1445, BBG Combo ULD 1495) with new plan names (BB Home UL 645 CS35, BB Home Combo UL 775 CS36, BB Home Combo ULD 899 CS37, BBG Combo ULD 1000 CS38, BB Home Combo ULD 1099 CS39, BBG Rural Combo UL 725 CS81, BBG Combo ULD 1600 CS82, BBG Combo ULD 1650 CS83) to avoid the confusion.

Details of Revised Broadband Tarrifs of BSNL in UP West ( Do check with Customer care before opting the plan)
Existing Plans Revised Plans
Plan Name Monthly Charges Plan Name Monthly Charges (in Rs ) 1 Year Payment

(in Rs)

2 Year Payment

(in Rs)

3 Year Payment

(in Rs)

BB Home UL 545 Rs 545 BB Home ULD 645 CS 35 645 7095 13545 19350
BB Home UL 675 Rs 675 BB Home Combo ULD 775 CS 36 775 8525 16275 23250
BB Home UL 845 Rs 845 BB Home Combo ULD 899 CS 37 899 9889 18879 26970
BB Combo UL 945 Rs 945 BB Combo ULD 1000 CS 38 1000 11000 21000 30000
BB Combo UL 999 Rs 999 BB Home Combo ULD 1099 CS 39 1099 12089 23079 32970
BB Rural UL 650 Rs 650 BBG Rural Combo ULD 725 CS 81 725 7925 15225 21750
BB Combo UL 1445 Rs 1445 BBG  Combo ULD 1600 CS 82 1600 17600 33600 48000
BB Combo UL 1495 Rs 1495 BBG  Combo ULD 1650 CS 83 1650 18150 34650 49500

BSNL said in a note that the revision is mainly to rationalise tariffs with other parts in the country. The national operator also confirmed that existing BSNL broadband plan customers in the mentioned areas of UP West, who are already under annual, two-year, or three-year payment option may not be charged with the revised tariff till the expiry of their current subscription.

New internet customers in these areas can apply for free landline and high-speed internet with free night calling through BSNL’s online portal with revised plans at any time from November 2015. This new enhancement in BSNL Broadband rental charges will come into effect from 01.11.2015 .

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Mani Mahesh Dhiman
November 1, 2015 7:18 pm 7:18 PM

Mtnl is good company but if mtnl merger with bsnl, mtnl will be destroyed.

November 1, 2015 4:01 pm 4:01 PM

Just one word #ch*t*y*

Sayed Ejaz
November 1, 2015 2:52 pm 2:52 PM

oh.. instead of increasing allocated data they are shamelesly increasing rate.
i am on 1445 plan… i think this will roll out pan india soon or step by step.
might have to pay 1600 then. plus tax other.

so expansive for such horrible speed.
but no other way for me.
no options.