BSNL revises prepaid voice STV tariffs, introduces STVs offering 1p/2sec to any network

BSNL has announced a revision to voice STVs offered under its prepaid mobile service. BSNL has also introduced two new voice STVs – 69 and 209 – offering reduced calling rates.


Revision of existing Voice STVs
BSNL has revised STV88 and STV42 applicable for per minute plan as well as per second plan subscribers. STV88 has been revised to offer 10p/min for on-net calls and 30p/min for off-net calls for a period of 60 days. Similarly, STV 42, which is applicable for per second plan, has been revised to offer 1p/3sec on-net and 2p/3sec off-net calls for a period of 21 days. This is a steep reduction in calling tariff compared to earlier offer of 45p/min for STV88 and 0.8p/sec for STV42.

BSNL has also revised some voice STVs by reducing the validity. The voice STV44, which offers 1.4p/2sec local calls, now comes with a reduced validity of 25 days instead of 27 days. Similarly, STV122 offering 1.4p/2sec local calls validity has been reduced to 75 days from 81 days.

The validity of STV47 offering 20p/min local on-net calls has been reduced to 21 days from 28 days and validity of STV84 offering STD calls at 35p/min has been reduced to 60 days from 84 days. However, BSNL has complemented the reduction in validity by offering Rs 20 and Rs 24 talk-time for STV47 and STV84, respectively.

New Voice STVs

BSNL has introduced new voice STVs 69 and 209, and both offer reduced call rate of 1p/2sec for local calls to all the networks and comes with a validity of 30 days and 90 days, respectively. STV209 also comes bundled with Rs 25 talk-value added to the subscriber’s main account balance.

BSNL has taken many initiatives recently to bring itself back to profit and has introduced many of offers for its subscribers. With the new STVs, BSNL is trying to attract more customers to its network by offering lowest calling rates. At the same time, BSNL continues its regular tariff hike by reducing validity of existing voice STVs.

Note: Do check with BSNL before opting any plans.

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February 26, 2016 3:53 pm 3:53 PM

MR.Ranganathan Rajagopalan when u will open ur new company then u should introduce tarrif plan with 365 days.Full have u gone mad which company is offering plan with 365 days valodity.That u are telling bsnl should introduce plan with Validity with 365 days.Because u greedy people thoughts bsnl has not been able to cop up with the common citizen.

February 26, 2016 8:56 pm 8:56 PM

Only BSNL is engaged in this validity game. No one company is violating TRAI’s terms except BSNL. Every other company has validity till the end of its license period unlike BSNL which gives only 6 months validity.

Ranganathan Rajagopalan
February 26, 2016 6:38 am 6:38 AM

Validity with 365 days should be introduced by BSNL

February 25, 2016 10:47 pm 10:47 PM

BSNL is launching IGW in north east which will make internet services super fast
. BSNL is working very hard to provide us with the maximum service possible by any ISP. Thanks to BSNL we will get the cheapest internet plans. BSNL is and will be the best ISP in the country.