BSNL Revises 7 Prepaid Data STVs Priced Under Rs 100: Check Full Details

Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited, the state-run telecom operator has silently extended freebies for its Data STVs priced under Rs 100. BSNL now has a total of seven data STVs, and it now revised all the plans to offer more data benefit. The highlight is BSNL’s Rs 57 plan which now offers 1GB of data for 21 days. At the same time, other data STVs of Rs 14, Rs 40, Rs 58, Rs 78, Rs 82 and Rs 85 also received a revision. Furthermore, the telco has regularised Data STV 155, which means that it doesn’t have any expiry date. Let’s dive in and take a look at what the revised data STVs from BSNL offers.


BSNL Data STV 14

Firstly, BSNL has a Data STV of Rs 14 which, after revision, gives a user 1GB of data with a validity of one day. Earlier, the same plan offered 500MB of data for the same validity period of one day.

BSNL Data STV 40

Next on the list, we have the STV 40 which again offers a user 1GB of data, but the validity of the plan differs as the price of the plan is slightly higher. BSNL’s STV 40 offers 1GB of data for five days.

BSNL Data STV 57

As mentioned at the start, the BSNL Data STV 57 has got the best revision as it now gives 1GB of data for 21 days, better than any other private telecom service provider.

BSNL Data STV 68, STV 78 and STV 82

After the STV 57, BSNL also has an STV 68 which now gives a user 2GB of data for five days. The Data STV 78 provides a user with 4GB of data, but the validity of the plan is just three days. There’s also the STV 82, which gives benefits of 4GB data and Personalised Ring Back Tone (PRBT) is valid for four days.

BSNL Data STV 85

Last in the list, we have the Data STV 85. After the revision, the STV 85 gives a user 5GB of data for seven days. On the whole, the STV 57 is the best plan as it gives 1GB of data with 21 days validity.

BSNL Also Regularised Data STV 155

Aforesaid, BSNL has even regularised its Data STV 155. In the past, the plan has been introduced as a promotional one with a validity of 90 days, however, after the regularisation, the plan doesn’t have any validity. And the best part is it’s an open market plan.

Talking about the benefits offered by the Data STV 155, it gives a user 2GB of daily data for a period of 17 days. So BSNL is giving a total of 34GB data with its STV 155.

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Chetan | Bangalore
September 9, 2018 10:05 pm 10:05 PM

I strongly advice govt. Of India to take spectrum back from BSNL and auction it to Jio and Airtel…. BSNL is inefficiently using this natural resource …

September 10, 2018 12:38 pm 12:38 PM

BSNL inefficiency is deliberate as govt is controlled by rich telcos

September 9, 2018 12:06 pm 12:06 PM

It’s completely game plan and this was happening in old govt .. Because of this BSNL getting lost of users.

So above plans are not suited for 30 days or 90 days.. there are no best plans

September 9, 2018 12:01 pm 12:01 PM

Yes BSNL, CAN’T provide full 4g or 5G services, because it is govt undertaken. Because of private companies like Airtel and Vodafone or Reliance they have to rule the country so BSNL should goes to halt…