bsnl-swine-fluBSNL today unveiled its first of a kind IVRS service providing information on swine flu, the IVRS is a toll free helpline that can be accessed by dialing 12506 from any BSNL telephones in Andhra Pradesh callers can access everything they want to know about swine flu.

BSNL claims the system works like the railway enquiries helpline when a caller dials 12506 an automated voice asks them to choose options from a menu the service is currently available in Hindi, Telugu and English the expansion to other language is likely to happen soon.
When a user opt for the preferred language he/she can get information regarding spread of swine flu, dos and dont’s who to contact and where to go .

The contact numbers of the state’s swine flu management facilities can be accessed by sending a text as H1N1HYD to 55352 if you are in Hyderabad, Mumbai users need to send text as H1N1MUM to 55352 where as Chennai users can get info by sending a text as H1N1CHE to 55352.M.A.S Reddy, General Manager of BSNL, said that BSNL was open to allowing users of other telephone networks to access the IVRS provided they kept the access toll free.

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August 11, 2009 10:36 pm 10:36 PM

whether BSNL is cashing Swine Flu or not is not our area of interest. Its service will help a lot of people which is admirable.We should do our bit to help this instead of finding faults in what others do.

E mad
June 16, 2009 10:26 pm 10:26 PM

BSNL should launch tollfree railway inquiry helpline also if they really want to serve indian people
bsnl want to cash swine flue
bsnl behaving as politicians
as they kow that swine flue is here for a short period

Debopratim Roy
June 16, 2009 10:10 pm 10:10 PM

Good move by India’s largest telecom company to spread the awareness of swine flu..It would help the masses in spreading and getting relevant information