BSNL 4G Plus Wi-Fi: Service Details, Activation and All You Need to Know

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The state-owned telecom operator, Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) has been making all the consumer-centric moves lately. Even though the telco has been late in the launch of 4G and hasn't been the most favourite company out there in the industry, it has been slowly winning back the people through its attractive plans and new luring offers. BSNL has been launching new STVs and prepaid plans which are making the customers turn back towards it. In its latest move, BSNL has also launched a service called the BSNL 4G Plus. This service is in follow up to the BSNL Wi-Fi network, and subscribers of BSNL on any phone will be able to access data on any BSNL Wi-Fi hotspot across the country courtesy of this new BSNL 4G Plus service.

BSNL 4G Plus Advantages and Uses

Whenever BSNL customers are in the proximity of a BSNL Wi-Fi, they will be able to the Wi-Fi to access data instead of their 4G network. The 4G Plus service gives the BSNL subscribers, the free access to use the BSNL Wi-Fi network as their own network. To use the BSNL 4G service, the subscribers will have to take either of the two approaches, the first would be activating your number through the EAP method and the second one would be to active their number through the non-EAP method for non-EAP compatible devices like laptops, tablets etc. They won't also be billed separately, but they will be using the data from their account through the Wi-Fi network

Activating EAP Devices on BSNL 4G Plus

Firstly, to activating the device with the EAP method, turn on the Wi-Fi on the device and then select the SSID named BSNL 4G Plus. Now, choose EAP method as SIM authentication and select BSNL SIM slot. Click on connect to successfully join the network after authentication. Alternatively, for non-EAP devices, the way of connecting to the network varies a little bit.

Activating Non-EAP Devices on BSNL 4G Plus

On your non-EAP device, turn on the Wi-Fi first of all. After that, select the BSNL 4G Plus SSID. After choosing the right SSID, enter the mobile number to receive the PIN. Enter the received PIN on the screen to make the login a success. It is worth noting that you can use the data as per the plan of your mobile number and the deductions will be happening on your mobile account only.

Activating BSNL 4G Plus Through Mobile App

Users of BSNL who want to use the BSNL 4G Plus service should also keep in note another way of activating the service, and that is through the mobile app. To activate service through app, subscribers will have to download the "BSNL 4G Plus" app after which they will be required to sign in using their BSNL number. They will also have to ensure that the BSNL SIM is in the first slot and then click on BSNL Mobile User Offload for a successful login to BSNL 4G Plus.

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