Brazil and Chile Eliminate International Roaming Charges With Free Trade Agreement

The measure, effective from July 25, allows users to enjoy voice, SMS, and mobile data communications without additional fees while temporarily staying in the other nation.


  • Brazil and Chile remove international roaming charges to promote connectivity.
  • Users can communicate freely without worrying about exorbitant fees.
  • Agreement under the Brazil-Chile Free Trade Agreement enhances regional integration.

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Brazil and Chile Eliminate International Roaming Charges With Free Trade Agreement

The governments of Brazil and Chile have jointly announced the abolition of international roaming charges between the two countries to enhance regional integration and promote connectivity. This measure, which took effect on July 25, aims to benefit users of telecommunications operators who travel temporarily between the territories of Brazil and Chile, according to the official release.

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Seamless Connectivity for Brazil-Chile Travelers

As a result of this decision, users from both nations can now enjoy voice, message (SMS), and mobile data communications without incurring additional charges while staying in the other country.

The decision to eliminate international roaming charges resulted from the Brazil-Chile Free Trade Agreement to foster closer ties and improve communication services for their citizens.

Extensive negotiations between the two nations throughout this year culminated in the successful implementation of this groundbreaking agreement, which marks the first understanding of its kind for Brazil, stated the official release.

Benefits for Tourism, Business, and Education

This agreement helps with tourism, business activities, and educational exchanges between Brazil and Chile. Travellers, businesspeople, and students can now experience seamless connectivity without worrying about exorbitant roaming fees, according to Anatel.

The move represents a significant step towards further integration in South America and highlights the potential for regional cooperation and development.

Advancing Regional Integration and Cooperation

With this agreement in place, citizens from Brazil and Chile can stay connected with their loved ones, conduct business, and access information freely, fostering a sense of shared community and enhancing cross-border communication.

"We hope to replicate this type of agreement in the future with other countries in the region, eliminating this barrier".

"In addition, the sectoral regulators of both countries - Subtel in the case of Chile and Anatel in Brazil - agreed on regulations for its technical implementation."

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According to the signed agreement, using the international roaming service for a period of up to 90 (ninety) continuous days or 120 (one hundred and twenty) non-continuous days in the same calendar year is considered reasonable and, therefore, not subject to additional charges.

With the international roaming barrier now removed, Brazil and Chile look forward to reaping the benefits of improved connectivity, creating a more inclusive and interconnected region for all.

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