Brazil 5G Auction Expected to Begin Next Month

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Brazil 5G Auction

Many countries across the globe have either begun or completed 5G auctions for their telecom operators. This raises a sense of competitiveness amongst other countries as everyone wants to lead their population to the adoption of 5G. A recent report by Reuters revealed that Fabio Faria, who is Brazil’s Communication Minister, has conveyed the Brazilian government’s expectations on spectrum auction for 5G frequencies to begin next month.

All-State Capitals in Brazil Expected to Have Operational 5G SA Networks by July 2022

Brazil’s Audit Court, TCU, is revising the country’s 5G auction plan. The analysis and details of the auction rules by TCU will not delay the process of the 5G auction, said Faria. He further stated that he does not expect any delays as the Brazilian government has already responded to all the questions put forth by the court, Fabio Faria also expects that all the state capitals in Brazil will have operational 5G standalone networks by July 2022.

In this regard, a team of Brazilian government delegation will also be visiting the U.S. to discuss private 5G networks with the U.S. government this week. Apart from meetings with the U.S. government, the Brazilian delegation will meet with investment banks and technology companies, including Motorola Solutions, IBM and AT&T.

Brazil’s 5G Auction Business Plan Was Finished on March 19

A special agency created by the general telecommunications act in 1997 named Anatel had already finished Brazil’s 5G auction business plan on March 19. The regulatory agency had established that Brazilian mobile operators should not be dependent on dynamic spectrum sharing (DSS) technology. DSS Technology allows 4G and 5G networks to operate using the same spectrum band. Thus, Anatel had strictly advised against relying on DSS for the provision of 5G services in Brazil.

Brazil’s 5G auction process was approved in February 2020 by the country’s Ministry of Science, Technology, Innovations and Communications. The auction process would include airwaves in the 700 MHz, 2.3 GHz, and 3.5 GHz bands set for sale alongside the 26 GHz mmWave spectrum. The economic impact of the future deployment of 5G technology in Brazil could be around $1.216 trillion. According to a study conducted by Finnish entity Nokia and Omdia, an increase in productivity of $3.08 trillion will also be achieved by deploying 5G.

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