AirtelcallmanagerBharti Airtel has rolled out an innovative value added service known as Call manger which will now help users to block unwanted calls at his/her wish with Airtel call manager subscribers gets an opportunity to get complete control of calls .Airtel call manager comes with a monthly subscription of Rs 30 per month with lots of features.

Features offered in Airtel call manager Block List when its active, the callers that are added in your Block List will get a busy tone when they try to call you.
Select List when its active, only the callers added in your Select List can call you all other callers will get busy tone when they try to call you.

You can also opt to receive SMS alerts of all the Blocked calls by selecting SMS alert services for all the blocked calls in Meeting, Driving or Roaming profile, the callers would hear a predefined announcement. There is also an option to Block Airtel’s recommended list of unwanted callers. These are Telecallers, who are registered on the TRAI’s website as Telemarketers.

TO Subscriber one has to Dial 52323 or SMS CM to 52323 or  Dial *323# or Point  your web browser to

TO Unsubscribe one has to Dial *323# and at the prompt Select option 5 which would prompt you with the following message Are you sure you want to unsubscribe from the Airtel Call Manager service.

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