Airtel Prepaid Subscribers Can Opt For these Plans If They Like Voice Calling More than Data

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Bharti Airtel is one of the best telecom operators when it comes to voice calls. Unlike its competitor, Reliance Jio, which is charging six paise per minute from its subscribers when they make calls to different operators, Bharti Airtel is actually offering truly unlimited calling to its customers. This is one edge which Bharti Airtel enjoys over its competition. However, if you take a quick look at the Bharti Airtel prepaid portfolio, you are likely to be a little disappointed in finding that most of the plans being provided by Bharti Airtel are targeted towards data users. However, we have especially gone on to look out for some of the voice-centric plans that the users might enjoy. In all likelihood, if you are someone who just runs with two SIMs on your phone, one for calling and the other for data, or simply you are someone who just relies on voice calling more, then the Airtel SIM that you have in your phone might use one of these plans. Here are some of the plans for voice-centric customers.


Rs 1,498 Prepaid Plan by Bharti Airtel

For your ease, we will be listing the voice-centric prepaid plans from Bharti Airtel in decreasing order of price, and the most highly-priced plan which comes with less data and more voice benefit from Bharti Airtel is the Rs 1,498 prepaid plan. This plan by the telecom operator ships 24GB data for the entire year. This means that the validity of the plan is 365 days, and besides this, the subscribers get the benefit of truly unlimited calling for an entire year. If you were to go for the daily data plan with a full year validity, then it would have set you back by Rs 2,398. There are some additional benefits in this plan as well, which include FASTag cashback of Rs 150, Wynk music subscription, Airtel Xstream App Premium subscription and 4-weeks free course on Shaw academy. The plan also offers 100 SMS per day to the subscribers.

Rs 379 Prepaid Plan by Bharti Airtel

One of the other prepaid plans which the voice-based user will appreciate is the Rs 379 prepaid plan by Bharti Airtel. This plan comes with around three months of validity. The total validity of this prepaid plan is 84 days and the data that it ships in this period is 6GB. Like the other prepaid plan, this plan also comes with truly unlimited calling for the entire period. The additional benefits in this plan remain the same, and they include Wynk Music, Airtel Xstream Premium, Shaw academy course and FASTag cashback. This plan also bundles 100 SMS per day for the subscribers.

Rs 179 Prepaid Plan by Bharti Airtel

This is one of the unique plans from Bharti Airtel because of its added benefit. In terms of data and calling, the Rs 179 prepaid plan comes with 28 days validity, and in this period it offers a total of 2GB data. There is, of course, the unlimited calling benefit included in this plan. However, the main additional benefit which sets this prepaid plan apart from all the others is the life insurance worth Rs 2 lakh, which comes from Bharti AXA. Other additional benefits include Wynk Music, Airtel Xstream App and 300 SMS for the entire validity period.

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