Airtel Postpaid Plans Win On Multiple Fronts and Could be the Go-To Choice for Subscribers: Check Why

Out of all the postpaid offerings in the market, Bharti Airtel postpaid plans are considered some of the best ones out there

  • Bharti Airtel postpaid plans come with attractive Airtel Thanks rewards
  • These postpaid plans also offer data carryover and add-on connections
  • The add-on connections are economical choice for families

Bharti Airtel is the telecom operator which becomes the go-to choice for a lot of subscribers, after Reliance Jio when it comes to prepaid plans. However, now a lot of subscribers are also opting for postpaid plans with equal enthusiasm as these days the postpaid plans present in the industry come with attractive freebies and features. The basic difference between the postpaid and prepaid plan comes up when the subscribers want to access more data in a single day and like to enjoy uninterrupted services. While the prepaid plans come with a daily data limit for the subscribers, such is not the case for postpaid users. Not only this, the Bharti Airtel postpaid plans come with something known as add-on connections which make the Bharti Airtel postpaid plans even more attractive for families. Here are the reasons why Bharti Airtel postpaid plans have done well in the market.


Add-On Connection and Data Carryover

One of the unique points for Bharti Airtel postpaid plans is that the subscribers of these plans get to enjoy add-on connections. All the plans above the Rs 499 mark, which include the Rs 749 plan, Rs 999 plan, Rs 1,599 postpaid plan by Airtel come with add-on connection. For the unaware, the add-on connection is something that is billed together with the primary connection. So, for example, you live with your spouse, and you have a plan with one primary and one add-on connection, then both of these numbers will be billed with a single postpaid plan and under a single bill. This will save the subscribers some money, which they would have otherwise spent on a separate connection. It is worth noting that data add-on is a feature for the postpaid plans which Bharti Airtel introduced first and then Vodafone RED plans followed on the same footsteps to bring this feature.

Another reason why Bharti Airtel postpaid plans are preferred by the subscribers is because they come with the data carryover feature. So, if the users leave some amount of data unused in their account, then they would be able to use it next month. This is something that is not possible in the prepaid plans. For prepaid plans, the subscribers lose on data if they don’t use it.

Additional Benefits and Freebies

Bharti Airtel has the best freebies when it comes to both its prepaid and postpaid plans. For a long time now, the freebies and benefits from Bharti Airtel have been driving the demand for its plans. The same is true for its postpaid plans as well. Hence, on these lines, Bharti Airtel postpaid plans come with three months of Netflix subscription, Amazon Prime annual subscription, ZEE5 subscription, Airtel Xstream subscription for a year and handset protection as part of their postpaid plan. Not only this but as part of these Airtel Thanks benefit, the add-on connection on these postpaid plans comes with free unlimited calls.

Bharti Airtel Postpaid Plans Listed

Bharti Airtel offers four postpaid plans which include the Rs 499 postpaid plan with 75GB data per month, Rs 749 postpaid plan with 125GB data per month, Rs 999 postpaid plan with 150GB data per month and Rs 1,599 postpaid plan which ships 500GB data per month, 200 ISD minutes and 10% discount on international roaming packs. All of these postpaid plans come with unlimited calling as well. The Rs 749 postpaid plan offers 2 free family add-on connection, whereas the Rs 999 postpaid plan offers 4 free family add-on connections.

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