Bharti Airtel Introduces Online Mobile Reverification With Aadhaar for Senior Citizens and Physically Challenged People

Leading telecom operator, Bharti Airtel, after a long wait has finally introduced the online Aadhaar reverification with mobile connections for senior citizens, physically challenged and non-resident Indians. Currently, the online-based reverification service is not applicable for every Airtel subscriber as it’s available only for senior citizens above 70 years. The web-based verification will allow the people falling under the eligibility criteria verify their SIM card right from home itself.


If you’re one among the Airtel subscriber falling under the eligibility criteria, head over to: and follow the on-screen instructions to verify the SIM card.

The verification process is pretty straightforward. Head over to the link and select the criteria which you fall under: Senior Citizens or Physically Challenged or NRI. While the process is similar to both senior citizens and physically challenged, it’ slightly different for non-resident Indians.

After selecting the criteria, Airtel will ask you to enter the mobile number which you want to verify with Aadhaar. After successfully entering the mobile number, Airtel will send an OTP which you’ll be required to enter in the next step.

After successfully entering the mobile number, a new page will appear which ask you to enter your personal details such as full name, number of mobile connections held in customer’s name, address details, etc. Also, in the same step, Airtel will ask you to enter your Proof of Identity. After submitting, you’ll be required a trusted person with Aadhaar number to reverify your mobile number with Aadhaar.

Verify Others Mobile Number With Your Aadhaar:
Furthermore, Airtel is also allowing other users to help the senior citizen, physically challenged, and NRI’s to verify their mobile number with Aadhaar right from its website itself. In this method, Airtel will ask you to enter the person’s mobile number of whom you’re verifying and a transaction ID which needs to be generated by following the above steps (I assume).


After entering the transaction ID and mobile number, you’re required to enter your Aadhaar number to verify with OTP. Post verification the other person’s mobile number will be linked to your Aadhaar number.

BSNL is already offering this mechanism, and it’s good to see Airtel stepping into the game finally. Vodafone and Idea Cellular are yet to implement the online based reverification which might happen in the next few days. All the other Airtel customers can dial 14546 tollfree number or visit Airtel store to get the verification done.

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February 6, 2018 11:08 pm 11:08 PM

Dialing 14546 doesn’t help if your aadhar registered number is de activated as OTP is sent om aadhar registered number

Amar Jain
February 6, 2018 12:47 pm 12:47 PM

While it is really appreciative of Airtel to have taken this step, but I can definitely say that for customers with blindness, who use a screen reading software to operate computer and smartphones, this page is not accessible. By accessibility, I mean that the buttons of the page should be clickable with keyboards too, such that people who are blind like me and cannot use mouse, can still use the page to verify the connection.

February 6, 2018 4:21 pm 4:21 PM

Just do it already , Mr Bharti Mittal & Co !

Priyansh Singh
February 6, 2018 12:48 am 12:48 AM

This has been there on their App from a month or at least a fortnight ago. I checked it and when I found that there is a Age Limit>70 (it will cross check with your Aadhaar Birth Date) then I headed over to the Store.