Best BSNL Data STVs You Can Choose From

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Data STVs (Special Tariff Vouchers) are very important to some users. Sometimes, the prepaid plan that you choose doesn’t satisfy your data needs. That is why it is important to have the option to buy data STVs as per your convenience. Just like every other telco, BSNL also provides data STVs to its customers. While every telecom circle may offer the STVs with same benefits at different prices, but they will be around the same price point nonetheless. So on that note, let’s move ahead and check out some of the best BSNL data STVs you can choose from.


One of the things BSNL takes care of really well is its customer's needs. Now BSNL understands that there are different kinds of customers with different kinds of data needs. So there must be something for everyone. Let’s start with the customers who need a lot of data every day to get by. BSNL is offering a data STV worth Rs 548. It is named as PRBTSTV 548. This voucher will come with 5GB daily data. Now you would think that since it is offering 5GB daily data at such a small price, its validity might be less. Well if you are thinking that, let us tell you, you are wrong. One reason why BSNL is really good is that it offers per GB data at a very low cost. This voucher comes with a total validity of 90 days. That’s more than a decent validity. There is no additional benefit to this voucher.


This is the most expensive data voucher that BSNL offers. The Rs 1098 data voucher comes with an additional benefit of unlimited voice calling. Along with that, it allows you to send free 100 SMS/day. Now you would think, it is supposed to be a data voucher, where is the data. Well, hang on. The data benefit that you get with the voucher is unlimited data without any speed restrictions throughout the validity of the plan. That’s right, there won’t be any FUP limit restricting you to download and upload files. This voucher comes with a validity of 84 days.


This voucher comes for Rs 998 and offers 2GB daily data at high speed which reduces to 80 Kbps once the FUP limit for the day is exhausted. Along with that, customers purchasing this voucher will also get personalised ringtone back for 2 months with access to Lokdhum. One great thing about this voucher is that it comes with a validity of 270 days. As for the Lokdhum, it will be only available for the first 240 days of purchasing the voucher. There are no other additional benefits of the voucher.

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