Telecom Industry Likely to Expect Two Rounds of Tariff Hike in Next 18 Months

Telecom operators have already executed price hike process back in December 2019 which was accepted by subscribers


Telecom industry is facing substantial distress due to the outbreak of COVID-19. As of result of the abnormal rise of the deadly virus, the telecom industry will witness tariff hike, and it will be unavoidable as the telecom operators are already facing financial distress amid difficult times. Prashant Singhal, emerging market Technology, Media & Entertainment and Telecommunications Leader stated that the analysing the current scenario, tariff hike will not be done immediately. However, the first round of tariff hike might be done in the coming six months. He also stated tariff hike must be done as soon as possible to aid the telecom operators who are facing distress in the crisis time.

Tariff Hikes Might be Done in Two Rounds over Next 18 Months

As reported by PTI, Singhal also stated that two rounds of tariff hikes must be expected over the next 12 or 18 months. However, taking account of the current economic situation and affordability factor, the first round of tariff hike should likely happen in the next six months. The first round of tariff hike will ensure sustainability the telecom market and help the telecom operators to provide seamless telecom services to subscribers and keep them connected amid difficult times.

ARPU Increase will Rely on Tariff Hikes

Prashant Singhal also added that the telecom industry is expecting ARPU growth from 60 % to 80 % over the next two or three years. However, the growth of ARPU can happen by tariff increase and switching from fixed price plans to data based on usage and consumption.

Telecom Operators Had Increased Tariffs in December 2019

Telecom operators have already started tariff hike process from December 2019. The price hike done by telecom operators in December 2019 was positively accepted by subscribers. Also, if two rounds will be done in the next 12 or 18 months, the telecom industry will revive, and subscribers will enjoy seamless telecom services, and telecom operators will not be financially distressed. Singhal also stated that tariff hike was inevitable and the outbreak of Covid-19 pushed the tariff hike process in future. However, the government is speeding up the process to revive the telecom sector and the entire economy.

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Its time to stop depending on Mobile data, Instead shifting to Fibernet is wise move.

I will recharge yearly plan in airtel which is around 1500rs. It gives unlimited calls and 24 GB data for whole year.

I will use data when am outside.
Data intensive works, I will do in home, so I guess 24 GB is enough for me whole year.


Nice idea cool chennai…
U can even add on 98 or 251 data packs along with annual plans

Chetan- Bengaluru

Good, now indians begining to think like other global markets where wifi is extensively used wether at home or outside. Mobile data is used only when not connected to wifi. This will motivate telcos to raise prices further to bring at par with global telecom. Something like plan 799 includes 10gb data plan. Share it with another 1 add on connection with 5gb for each. With this our telco will offer congestion free PLATINUM service.

Chhota Chetan

Yeah, global markets have true 4G speeds and unlimited data for the pricing as well. No 28 day gimmick and 6p call charges. Depends on which shit-hole country as an example you consider global.

100% broadband penetration is near absent even in cities like Pune, forget about rural areas. Pull your head out of your ass once in a while and think as an Indian and not a privileged, pompous retard.


I believe you need to pull out your chicken neck stuck at PP14 in galwan valley by Chinese sharpening their knives to cut into half before immediately jumping to reply my comment without reading.

Read it again. It’s scarstic


It’s time to recharge yearly pack, what is maximum limit to recharge in all the operators?
In Jio I used to buy voucher and redeem it later or transfer it to my other number when require.
Is this facility also available on Airtel, Voda-Idea or BSNL??

Thamilan daa

Zeeshan :
In vodafone, you can queue yearly packs of same denomination 2 times. I did Rs.1699 two times on 05th Dec 2019 just before the tariff hike. But the validity will be calculated as follows : 1) Validity of the daily data and unlimited calls : acccumulated validity from the date of recharge ; 2) Outgoing call validity : validity of the current pack + the validity of the queued pack.

Sharma ji

My jio app doesn’t option to transfer vouchers ? Pls help.. how we can transfer data vouchers to another number


You have to select voucher tab in my Jio App and then buy voucher, after that you can redeem or transfer it to any other Jio number and redeem on that number.
If you will do recharge then you can’t transfer it to another number.


There is no option to buy WFH packs or 4G Data Voucher.

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