BCHAA launches mobile app for importers and exporters

In the 30th AGM of Brihanmumbai Customs House Agent Association (BCHAA), a mobile application was launched for the Custom Brokers, Clearing Agents, and Exporters and Importers in the presence of the members of the Association and several other dignitaries. Sanjeev Behari, Chief Commissioner, Customs unveiled the app in the ceremony.


“In the past several months with a focus to increase our country’s share in global trade, there is greater emphasis of Government of India on factors to achieve “Ease of Doing Business” in the process of clearance of Import & Export of Goods. Going paperless, launch of the mobile app, E-Delivery Order and Common Bond Format will surely aid in resolving the ongoing issues and problems for smooth functioning of the system,” Mr. Behari said.

“We appreciate the role of CSLA (Shipping Lines) for agreeing to roll out Online Billing, E-Delivery Order instead of Manual Process which is very time consuming. By going paperless, we will reduce the transaction cost as well as the dwell time from September 2015 onwards,” Ashish Pednekar, President- BCHAA.

The android version of BCHAA Mobile App is available on all Google Play Store. The iOS version will be available from 5th September 2015. There will be personal log in credential for the users on the app. The app will provide instant alerts, push notifications of circulars, search member facility, multiple searches, view event feature etc.

“The BCHAA App is also made available for Importers, Exporters who can sign up and BCHAA will create a Username & Password in 7 days and provide users so that they can keep themselves updated”, said Mr. Karunakar Shetty, Vice President, BCHAA.

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Thakur Sahab
September 8, 2015 3:15 pm 3:15 PM

Awesome piece of info, thank you TT.