BBC Earth arrives in India with the partnership of Multi Screen Media

On Earth Day, Multi Screen Media Private Limited (MSM) and BBC Worldwide announced a strategic partnership to launch BBC Earth, a new premium television channel in India.

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BBC Earth will inspire the Indian audience by sharing incredible wonders of universe and will feature programs like Life below Zero, Life Story, Human Universe and Operation Wild. The channel is specialized in showcasing the factual works of world’s foremost factual film makers. Featuring the facts of microscopic creatures to unlimited space truths, BBC Earth will unveil mind blowing facts to the audience.

Some of its existing popular titles include Hidden Kingdoms, Walking with Dinosaurs: the Movie, Life Story and Frozen Planet.

The deal between MSM and BBC Worldwide has created an alliance between the two strong players. When BBC Worldwide, the main commercial arm and a wholly owned subsidiary of the British Broadcasting Corporation is the leader in factual genre, MSM that runs Sony Network television channels are the front runners in operating and distributing television channels.

Recently, BBC Worldwide launched BBC Earth in several other countries such as Romania and Turkey. In Poland, BBC Earth replaced BBC Knowledge on 1st February, 2015.

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Maaz Kalim
April 26, 2015 2:32 am 2:32 AM
So after breaking their most long-lasting distribution alliance/content aggregation business with Discovery [Communications India] named MSM Discovery Private Limited (branded as The OneAlliance), they have partnered with BBC [Worldwide India] now?. I think the “excuse” BBC had 3 years earlier hashopefully no place now, but is MSM right-partner for them considering their earlier relations with Discovery and other top broadcasters like TRACE TV and UK’s own private [TV] broadcaster ITV see NDTV as right-partner for such alliances/contracts/deals? One thing which needs a necessary mention here is the fact that the channels of both of the [third-party] broadcasters are being distributed… Read more »